No. 3 March 2019

(1) The Situation of Political Justice in China                Wang Yan and Chen Shaohui  4

(2) Government Behavior and the Development of Chinese SocietySociological Research Findings and Paradigm Shifts                                        Zhou Feizhou  21

(3) Supply-Side Structural Reform in the Service Industry and Getting Past the Middle Income Trap                                              Zhang Jianhua and Cheng Wen  39

(4) The Construction of a System of Criminal Records                      Yu Zhigang  62

(5) Tripod Ding Inscribed with the Penal Code, Clan Law, and the Promulgation of Written LawA Study Based on Bronze Inscriptions from the Eastern and Western Zhou       Wang Pei  85

(6) The Methodological Significance of the Dialectic of the Self-Negation of CapitalBased on Questions in Rosa Luxemburg's The Accumulation of Capital                  He Ping  106

(7) Virtue and SituationThe Response of Aristotle's Moral Psychology to the Challenge of Situationism                                        Xu Xiangdong and Chen Wei  126

(8) The Concept of History in Literary Criticism                            Nan Fan  147

(9) Military Financing in Late Qing Frontier Defense                      Liu Zenghe  164

(10) The Transformation of the International Order and China's Choices      Tang Shiping  187