No. 4 April 2020

(1) The Community of Shared Future for Mankind in the Universal Communication of the World

Li Baogeng  4

(2) Value Form: The Theoretical Orientation of Marx's Critique of Commodity Fetishism

Wu Meng  27

(3) The Appropriate Structure of Ownership: Theoretical Analysis, Inference and Empirical Facts

Yang Chunxue and Yang Xinming  46

(4) Women's Political Status and the Sex Ratio in the Population at BirthAn Empirical Study Based on County-Level Data 1950-2000                      You Wuyue and Yao Yang  66

(5) On the Judicial Application of Legal Theory                         Peng Zhongli  90

(6) The Integration and Development of Humanistic Civil Law and Object-oriented Criminal Law

Liu Yanhong  114

(7) The Growing Path and Mechanism of Chinese Private Enterprises

                                                       Zhu Bin and Lü Peng  138

(8) The Theoretical Construction of the ''Modern Novel" in China and Its Significance in Literary History                                                          Zhou Haibo  159

(9) A New Discussion of the ''Case of Disputed Scholarship" Involving Liao Ping and Kang Youwei                                                        Wu Yangxiang  181