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2012-12-05 10:49:00

  About TheoryChina

  Established by the Central Compilation & Translation Bureau, TheoryChina is a theory website that offers its content in eight languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Arabic.

  I. Goal and Objective

  As China has increasingly closer relations with the rest of the world, the interest of people around the globe in China is getting stronger and so is their demand for information about the country. Institutions and media agencies across China are meeting this rising demand through different channels. As part of the effort, this website will provide theoretical and basic documents concerning China’s development and the latest results of China’s social sciences studies in the hope that its perceived visitors, which include not only politicians, businessmen, and think tanks that work on issues about China but also the general public who are interested in the country’s development, can get a more complete and accurate understanding of China’s process of development. By fully utilizing the advantage of the CCTB in translation, research, information, publishing, and international cooperation, the website will integrate various resources and forces across the country in an effort to offer the most authoritative and latest theoretical results and information to its visitors worldwide.

  II Website Content

  The website offers content mainly in the following four categories.

  In the first category are important policy documents of China’s supreme leading bodies. They include political reports of the National Congress of the CPC, communiqués of plenary sessions of the CPC Central Committee, work reports of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, reports on the work of the government, annual plans for national economic and social development, and reports on budgets and final accounts delivered by the central government for the deliberation of the National People’s Congress, and work reports of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC.

  In the second category are works of important Chinese leaders, including selected or collected works of Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping, and Jiang Zemin.

  In the third category are results of China’s philosophical and social studies. They include academic results of contemporary philosophical, political, economic, social, and cultural studies in China; major theories, academics journals, and newly published books on social sciences; and information about important theoretical and academic seminars.

  In the last category are introductory materials about China’s basic conditions and policies. They include basic information about China’s territories and population, fundamental political and economic systems, major laws and regulations, basic policies on issues including ethnic groups, religions, human rights, and climate change, statistics on economic and social development, and explanations of some specific political terms.

  III Website Principles

  The website follows the principle of objectivity and faithfully presents historical documents as complete as they were so that visitors can understand the process of China’s development in a more accurate and objective way.

  Also upholding empiricism and diversity as its principles, the website offers theoretical results that are based on facts and evidence and capable of reflecting different perspectives and points of view. Not necessarily standing for the opinions of the website’s editors, the papers and articles are chosen to allow visitors worldwide to know the range of ideas there exist on China, which the website’s editors think will prove helpful for visitors to gain a more thorough understanding of China’ complexity and diversity.

  IV Contact Us

  It is a new attempt for us to build this multilingual theory website which we hope can serve as the bridge for people around the world to approach China and understand its theories. We will work hard for this goal and hope to get support and help from visitors at home and abroad. We will appreciate it if you tell us your advice and suggestions by sending mails to theorychina@cctb.net .

  Editors of TheoryChina