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  • Why Marx Was Right

    Author:Terry Eagleton

    Press:Chongqing Publishing House

    Pub Date:2017-10

  • Frontier Research of the Development of Chinese Marxism in the New Era

    Author:Zheng Youxian

    Press:Social Sciences Academic Press

    Pub Date:2017-07

  • Marxist Doctrine: Theory of Realistic Humanistic Theme

    Author:Tao Fuyuan and Tao Tingma

    Press:Anhui Normal University Press

    Pub Date:2016-12

  • The Dissemination and Development of Marxist Legal Theory in China (1919-1966)

    Author:Zhang Xiaojun

    Press:China Renmin University Press

    Pub Date:2016-08

  • Research in the Premise, Approach and Method for Marxism's Entry into China

    Author:Zhu Zhe; He Huanhuan

    Press:People's Publishing House

    Pub Date:2017-03

  • A Study into Technical Ideas of Capital and Its Manuscripts

    Author:Wang Bolu

    Press:Southwest Jiaotong University Press

    Pub Date:2016-06

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