No.1 January 2021

Social Sciences in China


No. 1  January 2021

Measurement of China's Macroeconomic Resilience: A Systemic Risk Perspective

Liu Xiaoxing, Zhang Xu and Li Shouwei  12

An Analysis of Changes in the Extent of Income Disparity in China (2013-2018)

Luo Chuliang, Li Shi and Yue Ximing  33

The Governing Philosophy of the Zhou as Seen in the Inscription on the Shi Qiang Basin

Chao Fulin  55

The Tsinghua Bamboo Slips and the Study of Western Zhou History         

Liu Guozhong  68

Excavated Documents and New Evidence on The Classic of Mountains and Seas   Liu Zhao  83

The Legal Code System as Seen in the Qin and Han Bamboo Slips            

Chen Wei  104

A New Understanding of Han Bamboo Slips and the History of Social Communication in the Hexi Region                                                           

Wang Zijin  122

The Han Dynasty's Development and Management of the Silk Road as Seen in Excavated Han Bamboo Slips                                                   

Zhang Defang  143

The Belt and Road Initiative and International Law: An Analysis from the Perspective of the Supply of International Public Goods                                   

Shi Jingxia  156

Transformation and Application: ''Criticism of Original Events'' and Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature                                                  

Zhang Jun  180