No. 1 January 2020

(1) Structure, Power and Method: On Marx's Thinking about OwnershipWith a Concurrent Discussion of Several Propositions in Historical Materialism                Chen Guangsi  4

(2) The Sinicization of Hermeneutics: A Universal Conception of Classical Hermeneutics

                                                              Hong Handing  30

(3) Towards Cooperative Organization: Restructuring the Organizational Model

Zhang Kangzhi  47

(4) The Expansion of Domestic Demand during the Transition of the Economic Structure: A Perspective Based on Supply Restraints in the Service Sector

                                          Xu Zhaoyang and Zhang Bin  64

(5) On the Legal Attributes of Digital Currency                          Yang Yanchao  84

(6) The Lineal Family: An Analysis of the Contemporary Family Form and Intergenerational Relationships                                                  Wang Yuesheng  107

(7) The Values of Chinese Ecological Fiction since the Start of the New Century

Wang Guangdong and Ding Qi  133

(8) Changes in Land Ownership in Ancient China from the Perspective of Historical Materialism

Zang Zhifei, Zhou Guolin, Geng Yuanli, Li Huarui, Zhao Siyuan, and Liu Zhiwei  153