No. 9 September 2019

(1) An Analysis of the Party-Government Structure and Functional Mechanism of Contemporary Chinese Governance                                       Wang Puqu and Tang Bin  4

(2) The Concept of Dasein: Historical Clues in Marx's Early Situating of Thought

Zhang Yibing  25

(3) The Institutional Basis of the Growth in Local Public DebtsFrom the Fiscal and Financial Perspectives                                    Mao Jie, Liu Pan and Lü Bingyang  45

(4) A Civil Law Perspective on the Interpretation of the Relationship between Principle and Exception                                                              Yi Jun  68

(5) The Change of Disease Spectrum in Chinese Rural Areas and Its Interpretive Framework

Yu Chengpu  92

(6) Losses in the Hermeneutic View of Historical Nihilism and the Reconstruction of the Knowledge Map of Interpretation                                 Zhang Zhengwen  115

(7) The Ideological Method and Discourse Mode of the Zhuangzi from the Perspective of Public Reason during the Warring States Period                                Yu Xuetang  130

(8) An Overview of the Evolution of Ci() Poetry from the Perspective of its Normative System

                                        Shen Songqin  156

(9) The Substitution of Paper for Bamboo or Wooden Slips and the Upward Movement of Basic Ruling Centers in Ancient China                                 Zhang Rongqiang  180