No. 8 August 2019

(1) Research Paradigms for the Theoretical Evolution of Historical Materialism

                                                           Cao Dianshun  4

(2) A Cultural Consensus on Ethical and Moral Development among the Masses in Chinese SocietyA Sustained Survey Data Based on Forty Years of Reform and Opening Up

Fan Hao  24

(3) The Historical Dimension of Western Social Science Methodology         Guo Taihui  45

(4) Democratic Centralism as a Principle of the Organs of State                 Wang Xu  65

(5) On the Anticompetitive Effects of Vertical Mergers     Ye Guangliang and Cheng Long  88

(6) A Study of China's Fiscal Expenditure Multiplier in the Light of Economic Cycles

                                                 Chen Shiyi and Chen Dengke  111

(7) The Concepts of Overall Health and Health Management from a Health Sociology Perspective

                                    Tang Jun and Li Jun  130

(8) Multiple Dimensions of Keyword Research in Literary Theory               Gao Yu  149

(9) The Forms of Early Chinese Villages from the Perspective of the Origin of Civilization

Ma Xin  166

(10) Paradigm Synthesis and the Reconstruction of International Relations TheoryAn Analysis of the Realist Example                                                Liu Feng  187