No. 7 July 2020

(1) The Critical Dimension and Strength of Social Semiotic Approach: An Investigation Based on Historical Materialism                                                  Fang Jun  4

(2) Judgment of Economic Determinism from Historical Materialism       Shen Jiangping  26

(3) From Phenomenology as General Philosophy to the Phenomenology of the Chinese Language

                                               Wang Jun  42

(4) The Inhibitory Effect of Global Value Chain Embedment on Trade Protection: From the Perspective of Economic Fluctuation                 Tang Yihong and Zhang Pengyang  61

(5) A Preliminary Study of  the Intelligence Revolution and National Governance Modernization

Gao Qiqi  81

(6) Whole of Government Reform and Reconstruction of the Theory of Administrative Subjects

Wang Jingbo  103

(7) Farmers are Getting Ever More Distant from the LandLand Transfer and the ''Three Rights Separation" System                                              Zhu Dongliang  123

(8) The Extension of Modernity and the Construction of ''Contemporaneity" in Chinese Literary Theory                                                            Ding Fan  145

(9) Perspectives on Interpreting Chinese Borderlands: From Dynastic State to Sovereign State

Li Dalong  165

(10) Fan Wenlan and the ''Debate on the Formation of the Han Ethnic Group (Minzu)''

                        Zhang Yue  183