No. 7 July 2019

(1) Marx's Concept of Social Existence and Its Fundamental Significance     Zou Shipeng  4

(2) ''Affairs'' and Human Existence                                   Yang Guorong  27

(3) Local Fiscal Governance: Give People Fish or Teach Them How to FishA Study of Fiscal Reform in Counties Directly Administered by the Province

Liu Yongzheng, Jia Junxue and Ding Siying  43

(4) The Cultivation of Social Capital in Community Governance

Fang Yaqin and Xia Jianzhong  64

(5) Norm Systems in Contemporary China: Theory and Institutional Structure

                                                                Liu Zuoxiang  85

(6) Regulation of Social Risk through Criminal Law and the Its Model Reform

                                                                 Jiang Tao  109

(7) Diasporic Literature as a Reflection of the Age and Its World Significance: A Case Study of African Literature in English                          Zhu Zhenwu and Yuan Junqing  135

(8) Cross-disciplinary Exploration of the Construction of the Historiography of Information

Wang Xudong  159

(9) Regional Governance in International Relations: Theoretical Construction and Comparative Analysis                                                          Zhang Yun  186