No. 11 November 2019

(1) Transformation in the Form of a Beautiful Life and Its Value Guidance in the New Era

                                                    Xiang Jiuyu  4

(2) Research on and Implementation of the Kinship Inference System

                                                   Lu Dawei and Yuan Yulin  25

(3) The Salient Risk Points in China's Capital Market and the Counterfactual Simulation of Supervision and Regulation                           Wang Shaoping and Zhao Zhao  44

(4) The Rule of Law Approach to Governance Innovation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area                                      Shi Youqi and Chen Kexiang  64

(5) Social and Cultural Subjectivity in the Development of Chinese SocietyA Case Study of Rural Development and Poverty Reduction in the Past 40 Years          Wang Chunguang  86

(6) A New Conflict Theory of Public Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium

Yang Lihua, Chen Yifan and Zhou Zhiren  104

(7) Between the Han and Jin Dynasties: The Shift in Chinese Aesthetics from Upholding the Confucian Canon to Valuing the Arts                                   Liu Chengji  127

(8) The Evolution of the Tax System in the Republic of China               Ke Weiming  149

(9) Constructing a Contemporary Marxist School of the Intellectual History of ChinaSome Issues Concerning the Research and Compilation of the Comprehensive Intellectual History of China                                                        Wang Weiguang  171