No. 8 August 2020

(1) The Interpretive Dimensions of the Theoretical Orientation of the Capital      Bu Xiangji  4

(2) The Research Path and Developmental Direction of Pragmatic Logic     Xiong Minghui  24

(3) Financial Rules and the Construction of National Governance CapacityAs Seen in Environmental Control                                                 Zhang Li  47

(4) The New Development of Procuratorial Power in China                    Zhou Xin  64

(5) The Organizational Working Environment from a Governance Perspective: An Analytical Framework                                             Zhang Yan and Li Hanlin  87

(6) The Preliminary Practice and Academic Significance of Digital Humanities in the Study of Ancient Literature                                Wang Zhaopeng and Shao Dawei  108

(7) Literature Is an Attitudinal Response to People and LifeOn the Literary Relationship between Lu Yao and Tolstoy                                           Li Jianjun  130

(8) The Evolutionary Lineage of the State’s Equine Resources and Han and Tang Prosperity

Shang Yongqi  154

(9) The Substitution of Banks for Piaohao and Late Qing and Early Republican Financial Reform

                        Zhou Jianbo and Zeng Jiang  178