No. 11, 2020

Social Sciences in China


No. 11  November 2020

(1) The Futuristic Dimension of Historical Materialism                   Kuang Sanping  4

(2) A Humanistic Reflection and Analysis of Contemporary Western Historiographical Theory

Dong Lihe  22

(3) "Living" Literature: A New Approach to the Bibliographic Study of Classical Literature

                                         Feng Guodong  43

(4) Analysis of the ThreeStage Theory of the Evolution of Ancient Chinese Society

Yi Jianping  66

(5) The Principle of Legislation according to the Constitution and Constitutionality Review

                                                Mo Jihong  89

(6) On Data Usufruct                                              Shen Weixing  110

(7) The Modern Transformation of Chinese Public Opinion and Its Dilemma

Hu Baijing  132

(8) The Transformation of China's Industrial Structure and Its Potential Economic Growth Rate

Zhu Min, Zhang Longmei and Peng Daoju  149

(9) "Home" as Method: An Attempt at a Chinese Social Theory               Xiao Ying  172