No. 5 May 2019

(1) Accelerating the Construction of the Disciplinary System, Academic System, and Discourse System of Philosophy and Social Sciences with Chinese Characteristics         Xie Fuzhan  4

(2) The Logic of the State in the Modernization of the Governance System     Chen Jinhua  23

(3) The Wage Bargaining Power of Labor in an Open Economic System

                                      Xie Shenxiang, Lu Yi and Cai Xiqian  40

(4) The Academic Status and Theoretical Contribution of Marxist Sociology    Liu Shaojie  78

(5) The Realization of the Constitutional Text of China's Constitutional Review

Liu Liantai  100

(6) On the Result-oriented Disclosure of Information                       Ying Feihu  121

(7) Multiple Dimensions of Confucian Thinking on Benevolence          Gan Chunsong  144

(8) Oral and Written Forms in Late Qing Literary Discourse                     Lu Yin  161

(9) An Examination of the Tokyo Branch of the Communist Party of China     Xu Zhimin  186