No. 12 December 2019

(1) An Archaeological Interpretation of the Continuity of Chinese Civilization over Five Thousand Years                                                             Liu Qingzhu  4

(2) The Belief in Public Values and the Ideal of a Better LifeThe Theoretical Connotations of Marx's Philosophical Revolution                                       Yuan Zushe  28

(3) Logical and Cognitive Issues of Self-Improvement Agents      Ren Xiaoming and Li Xi  46

(4) A Political Economy Analysis of the Globalization of Platform Economics

                              Xie Fusheng, Wu Yue and Wang Shengsheng  62

(5) Resilient Small Peasants: Historical Continuity and Modern TransformationThe Energy and Autonomous Responsibility of Small Peasants in China                     Chen Junya  82

(6) The Constitutional Logic of the Protection of Economic Rights        Zhai Guoqiang  100

(7) Governance Innovation in Basic Health Care in the ''Healthy China" Strategy   Gu Xin  121

(8) Educational Evaluation Models in the Big Data Era and their Paradigm Construction

                    Fan Yongfeng and Song Naiqing  139

(9) Changes in Modern Chinese Writers' Connoisseurship                     Yang Zi  156

(10) The Granting of Robes and the Corresponding Establishment of Offices and Division of Functions in the Western Zhou                                      Jia Haisheng  175