No. 9 September 2020

(1) Labor Justice in Marx's Historical Materialism Narrative                 Liu Tongfang  4

(2) Approaches to the Cross-integration of Philosophy and Cognitive Science     Liu Xiaoli  23

(3) Financial Transfer Payments and the Intergenerational Mobility of Human Capital

                                                                 Fan Ziying  48

(4) The Functional Regulation of Scientific Research Contracts                 Hu Ming  68

(5) The Effect of Early Psychosocial Risks on HealthBased on Data from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study                                       Gao Minghua  93

(6) The Policy Orientation of China’s Marine Ecological Environment (2014-2017)

                                                            Fu Guangwan  117

(7) Cultural Confidence and the Establishment of a Chinese School of Comparative Literature

Li Weifang  135

(8) Knighthood and Medieval Warfare in Western Europe                  Ni Shiguang  160

(9) Further Discussion of the Origin of Chinese Diplomacy                Zhu Xiaolüe  186