No. 3 March 2020

(1) The Practical Effect of the Principle of Labor Ownership                      Li Zhi  4

(2) The People's Will: The Ideological Characteristics of Marx's Philosophy of Law

Mou Chengwen  25

(3) On the Types of Modern Hermeneutics                               Fu Yongjun  44

(4) The Discourse Context Model of Social Science Interpretation    Yin Jie and Meng Hui  62

(5) The Fundamental Social and Political Mechanism of the Modern State Based on the Analytical Perspective of Nation-State                                   Zhou Ping  79

(6) The Measurement of Innovation in Chinese Manufacturing EnterprisesAn Intertemporal Comparison Based on Innovation Micro-Surveys       An Tongliang, Wei Jie and Shu Xin  99

(7) Reconstructing the Principle of Legality                                Gao Wei  123

(8) Urbanization and Ecological Governance in Pastoral Areas

                                                 Bao Zhiming and Shi Tengfei  146

(9) The Poetry Creation Practice of Yan'an Revolutionaries and Its Value in the History of Poetry

Cheng Guojun and Li Jikai  163

(10) The Construction of the Discourse System in the Study of Chinese and Foreign Treaties since the Beginning of the Modern Times                                      Li Yumin  184