No. 6 June 2020

(1) A Marvelous Society: The Historical Development and Evolutionary Scenarios of Modern Chinese Society                                                     Xiang Jiuyu  4

(2) The Sense of Things and ''The Natural Sound of the Myriad Things"         Fu Xiuyan  26

(3) The Mutual Philosophical Interpretation of Artificial Intelligence and Epistemology: From Cognitive Classification to Evolutionary Logic                             Xiao Feng  49

(4) The Function of Circulation in Social Reproduction and the Theory of Labor Value

Wang Xiaodong and Xie Lijuan  72

(5) The Critical Deconstruction of the Okishio Theorem       Zhang Xian and Xue Yufeng  94

(6) The Concept of Profit Making and the System Effect of Chinese Legal Person Law

                                                               Song Yahui  120

(7) Two Kinds of ''Art Production": A New Exploration of Marx's ''Art Production" Theory

Yao Wenfang  144

(8) Shamans and Their Changing Role in the Origin of Chinese Civilization       Li Yujie  168