No. 2 February 2020

(1) Contemporary Chinese Marxist Philosophy in Academic and Systematic Construction

                                                               Zhang Wenxi  4

(2) The Value Expression of China's Administrative System Reform           He Yanling  25

(3) China's Open Economics: Building an Economic Theory that Explains the Achievements of China's Opening-up                                    Pei Changhong and Liu Bin  46

(4)The Influence of Redistribution Policy on Rural Income DistributionAn Empirical Research Based on the Tax and Fee System Reform                    Chen Binkai and Li Yinyin  70

(5) ''Mutual Assistance and Restraint'': Fei Xiaotong's Theory of Urban-Rural Relations in the 1930s and 1940s                                                    Li jinzheng  93

(6) Reconstructing Environmental Tort Relief System through ''Ecological Recovery Theory"

Lü Zhongmei and Dou Haiyang  118

(7) On the Late Qing Turn in Yixue                                  Lin Zhongjun  141

(8) Ming Dynasty: Formalization of the Classical Literary Canon and Its Significance

                                                                    Ye Ye  157

(9) Settlement Archaeology and the Social Form of Longshan Culture            Sun Bo  179