No. 10 October 2020

(1) The Political Logic of Poverty Control in China: Transcending Western Theories of the Welfare State                                                           Xie Yue  4

(2) The Practical Logic of Rural Development and a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects                                                     Wang Chunguang  26

(3) Changes in the Core Indicators of China's National Economic Accounting: From MPS National Income to SNA Gross Domestic Product                        Xu Xianchun  48

(4) Value Choice and the Theoretical Construction of Ethical Literary Criticism

                                                                Nie Zhenzhao  71

(5) The Divergences of Evolutionary Path of the Systems of Currency Circulation between China and Japan from the 16th to the 19th Centuries             Zhong Weimin and Qiu Yongzhi  93

(6) From Technology as Agent to Technology as Substitute: Human Obsolescence?   Li He  116

(7) The ''Troublesome Problem'' of the Self and the Modular Theory of the Self

                                                               Gao Xinmin  141

(8) The Generative Mechanism of Online Narratives and the Intertextuality of Their Group Communication                                      Sui Yan and Tang Zhongmin  167

(9) Public Use Rights in Copyright Law                                Liu Yinliang  183