No. 5 May 2020

(1) The Conversion of Logic in the Modernization of National Governance     Xia Zhiqiang  4

(2) From Shamans and Historians to the Syncretism of Yi and Confucianism: The Evolutionary Approach of the Thought of the Yi School                                  Liu Zhen  28

(3) The Expression and Understanding of Metaphors from the Perspective of Cognitive Science

Huang Huaxin  48

(4) Evolution of the Industrial Innovation System in the Deepening of System Reform: A Case Study of China's Catch-up in the World High-speed Rail Industry

                                                    Huang Yanghua and Lü Tie  65

(5) The Significance of Administrative License in the Civil Law Sense            Wand Yi  86

(6) Prediction Research on the Discretionary Reduction of Liquidated Damages

                                                               Qu Maohui  108

(7) Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of Sociology: An Analytical Framework Oriented Towards the Practice-Cognition Schema                                 Hu Anning  135

(8) Cultural Identity and Literary Exchanges in the Zhou Dynasty: With a Focus on Music Production and Language Interpretation                                Fu Linpeng  156

(9) The National Religion Movement and the Turn of Modern Discourse

                                            Xue Yuqin and Liu Zhengwei  180