No.12 December 2020

Social Sciences in China


No. 12  December 2020

(1) The Theory and Practice of Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects

Xie Fuzhan  4

(2) The Historical Orientation and Significance of a ''Moderately Prosperous China''

Wu Xiaoming  25

(3) An Interpretation of Classic Elegance                                                 

Liu Chengji  40

(4) Analytical Thinking in Ancient Chinese Literary Criticism                 

Sha Hongbing  62

(5) The Change from the Yin to the Zhou in the Light of the Western Zhou System of De()

Guo Yi  82

(6) The Evolution of the Concept of Destiny in the Spring and Autumn Period

                                                               Luo Xinhui  99

(7) Artificial Intelligence and the ''New Alienation'' of Human Beings      Sun Weiping  119

(8) On the Legal Regulation of Algorithms                                        

 Ding Xiaodong  138

(9) The Risk Contagion Relationship Between the Financial Market and the Macro Economy: A Mixed-Frequency Based Empirical Research                                      

Yang Zihui  160

(10)The Introduction of an Inheritance Tax in the Late Qing and the Early Republic of China

Lei Jiaqiong  181