No. 6 June 2019

(1) Chinese Socialist Party Politics in the Process of Modernization         Wang Shaoxing  4

(2) Humanism in the Era of Artificial Intelligence                          Han Shuifa  25

(3) The Third Turn of Western HermeneuticsFrom Habermas to Ricoeur      He Weiping  45

(4) Improving the Efficiency of Enterprise Technology Application and Strengthening the Construction of Human Capital                         Li Jing, Liu Xiahui and Nan Yu  63

(5) Performance Evaluation of Government Financial Revenue: A Value Tool for Realizing the Policy of Cutting Taxes and Administrative Charges           Zheng Fanghui and Fei Rui  85

(6) Multilateral Trade, Market Rules and the Pricing of Technical Standards       Ma Yide  106

(7) Selection of a Model for Civil Law Protection of Personal Information    Wang Cheng  124

(8) The Situational Legitimacy of Social Organizations from the Perspective of Social Construction                                                     Deng Yanhua  147

(9) The Modern Transformation of Traditional Chinese Poetic Education and Its Contemporary Legacy                                                       Fang Chang'an  167

(10) Local Elites and Historical Change in Grassroots Social Governance Mechanisms in the Late Qing                                                         Wang Xianming  185