No. 10 October 2019

(1) Philosophy and the Social Sciences during the 70 Years of the People’s Republic of China

Xie Fuzhan, Zhang Wenxian, Zhang Fugui, Yu Pei and Yang Guangbin  4

(2) The Interpretative Principles of Historical Materialism and their Concrete Application

Wu Xiaoming  98

(3) The Meaning and Limitations of the Keyword ApproachReevaluating Raymond Williams' Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society                         Fang Weigui  116

(4) A New Perspective for Understanding the Central-Local Fiscal GameEvidence from Reforms in the Issuance and Repayment Modes of Municipal Bonds

                                        Lü Wei, Zhou Jiayin and Lu Yi  134

(5) On the Linkage of Public Security's Investigative and Administrative Powers

Zhang Zetao  160

(6) Alienation in Civil Disputes in Rural Areas and a Governance Approach     Lu Yilong  184