No. 5, 2020

Uphold and Strengthen the Overall Leadership of the CPC: On the Principle of Party Building                                               Ouyang Song( 5 )

Modernization of National Governance after Data Become a Factor of Production

                                                        Xu Lin & Li Ziwei(17)

Systemic Renovation, Cognitive Transformation, and the Repositioning of Labor Unions: The Historical Practice and Spiritual Meaning of the Reform of Private Industries in Tianjin in 1956                                                   Fu Peng(27)

Supplies Cooperation: A Form of Informal Economic Operations During the Period of the

 Chinese Planned Economy                                    Zhang Xuebing(49)

The Establishment and Application of the Provincial Committee System of the CPC During

 the Period of the Agrarian Revolution                             Weng Youwei(62)

From Military Mobilization to Daily Struggle: Evolution of the CPC Riots in Zhejiang

 Province (1927-1928)                                       Wang Caiyou(79)

How Many People Actually Participated in the First National Congress of the CPC?

                                                              Jin Chongji(95)

Study of the History of Reform and Opening Up Requires a Dialogue Among Many Disciplines: Based on the Example of the Interpretation of the “Chinese Miracle”

                                                           Xiao Donglian(99)

The Transformation and Reconstruction of Urban and Rural Commerce in Nanjing During

 the Early Days of New China                    Wu Shengjie & Dong Guoqiang(111)

On Some Basic Relations in the Formulation and Implementation of the Five-Year Plans:

 The Historical Experience of the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan            Zhao Xuejun(125)

New Developments During the Past Ten Years in Studies on the War to Resist U.S.

 Aggression and Aid Korea                                        Deng Feng(134)

Review of Studies since the New Century on the History of Finance and Banking in the

 CPC’s Base Areas                                            Pan Xiaoxia(145)