No.Z1 2020

Studies on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

No. 5/6 

Deepen the Understanding of the Laws of Governance by the Communist Party

                                                            Shuang Chuanxue  5

Social Morality Circumstance Construction from the Perspective of Modernization of National Governance                                                       

 Li Ze Quan  13

Deeply Understand and Scientifically Grasp Safe Development Concept

                                                       Pang Yuehui Xu Shangli  19

A Study on Impact of Commonly Benefiting Digital Financial Development on Systemic Financial Risks                                            

 Li Youshu Zhang Min  26

On Market-Based Orientation of Digital Economy Oversight                

 Liu Cheng  35

Develop the Third Pillar of Old Age Security System                         

 Sun Jie  43

On Establish a Multi-Layer Unemployment Safeguard System in the Context of New Forms of Employment                                            

 Sun Shouji Fang Liming  53

Trend of the Change of Capital Composition and Its Impact on Employment

Liu Guanjun Li Xin  62

A Study on Modernization of Social Security Governance in a Context of High Quality Development                                             

Zhang Xu Zhu Xiaoyan  74

Elderly Society in China: Form Involution, Problem Feathers and Governance Development

                                                   Yuan Xin Jin Niu  81

On China's Population Development in a New Era and Its Governance Prospect

                                                          Hu Zhan Peng Xizhe  88

Challenges of Technological Innovation to Governance Model and to Hedge against Risks

                                                           Yin Luanyu Sui Yin  95

Draw on Each Other's Strengths of Different Religions and Defuse the Buildup of Risks of Development Gap among Groups                                    

 Lu Xiaoping  102

On Guiding Public Opinion of Circles and Groups on the Internet          

Guo Qianqian  111

Cultivate the Public Spirit and Consciousness of Social Responsibility--Studying the Great Spirit of Fighting Covid-19                                             

Zheng Shipeng  119

On Impact of Information Intervention on Green Consumerism Behavior        

Chen Kai  126

Setting up Mechanism for Co-Participating Urban Environmental Governance - Taking Waste Sorting for Example                                        

Guo Shihong Lu Jian  132

On Enhancing the Ability of the Party's Ranks of Its Cadres Facing Crisis     

Tian Gaiwei  142

Institutional Guarantee of Political Progress of the Party in a New Era       

 Gong Yutao  150