​No. 2 February 2021

Social Sciences in China

No. 2  February 2021

A Re-Discussion of Imposed Interpretation                               

Zhang Jiang  4

Rational Presupposition, Normativity and Pluralist Expression: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on the Universality of Philosophy                                       

Cheng Lesong  24

Inclusive Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Justice               

Li Xunhu  42

Big Data Technologies and the Modern Transformation of Traditional Philology

                                                        Liu Shi and Li Feiyue  63

The Spirit of New China and the Generation of Literary Classics   

Jiang Shuzhuo and Li Shi  82

Changing Trends in Education Matching in the Chinese Urban Labor Market: A Dynamic Analysis of the Age-Period-Generation Effect                   

Wu Xiaogang and Li Xiaoguang  102

Alterations in the Yellow River's Course and Changes in Civilization Seen in Terms of Archaeology                                                   

Yuan Guangkuo  123

On the Land Order and System During the Northern Dynasties and the Sui and Tang

Yang Jiping  144

Constructing Political Science with Chinese Characteristics: Discipline, Scholarship and Discourse - The Example of the Restoration and Reconstruction of Political Science in China

Xu Yong and Ren Lu  165

The Issue of the Rule of Law from the Perspective of Marx's Historical Materialism

                                                                Zhang Dun  183