No.2, 2021

Literature of Chinese Communist Party

No. 2, 2021

Main Contents

Studies on Valuable Experience of One-Hundred-Year Party Building

Giving Priority to the Party’s Political Building

Luo Yongkuan, Zhu Jingyun(3)

Strengthening the CPC Theoretically as the Fundamental of Party Building

Shen Chuanliang, Li Peng(7)

Members are Fundamental to Party Building

Xiong Qiuliang(11)

Maintaining Close Ties with the People is Essential for the CPC to Remain Undefeatable

Dai Lixing(14)

Maintaining the Party’s Fine Work Style in the New Journey

Wang Jiugao(18)

Three Valuable Experiences in Governing the Party Based on Rules and Regulations

Yang Deshan(21)

The Concept of Shared Development, the Building of a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects, and Building China into a Modern Socialist Country in All Respects

Han Baojiang, Luo Pei 25

Understanding Three Relationships in Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects 

Xu Zhidong32

Implementation and Application of Systems Thinking in the Fight Against Covid-19 

Qin Shusheng, Sun Xiaomei38

Understanding the Scientific Connotations, Significant Role, and Practical Requirements of Cultural Confidence 

Mao Sheng46

“Setting up a Framework for Mainstream Media Featuring Integrat ion Between Online and Offline Mediums and Between Internal and External-facing Channels”—— Analysis based on Xi Jinping’s Related Remarks

Bu Xinna, Wei Jikun 56

Understanding Goals and Requirements of Activities to Study the History of the CPC from Four Perspectives 

Li Cheng64

Creating Happiness Through Work——Review of Major Remarks of Mao Zedong and Other Revolutionaries on Work and Laborers

Li Ying, Li Yumeng, Cui Jing 70

Mao Zedong’s Six Statements of What the CPC Lives On 

Wang Jin(76)

Chen Yun: A Man of both Actions and Principles

He Yunfeng(82)

Chen Yun’s Certain Thoughts and Work Methods on Economic Development

Peng Qinghong, Wu Xiaorong 88

The Task Force System and Its Practice in the Period of Soviet Areas

Pang Zhenyu(95)

Epidemic Prevention of the Whole People in Shanxi-Suiyuan Border Area During the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression

Zhang Rongjie104

The CPC’s Political Offensives Against KMT Troops During the War of Liberation

Yu Huiduo( 110)

Healthcare Work of Industrial and Mining Enterprises in the Early Days of the PRC ——Based on Survey in the Northeast China

Jing Huilan, Miao Qingke 118