Xi Jinping: Reply to the Community Workers of the Donghu New Town Community in Wuhan

2021-04-08 13:49:48 | Author:Xi Jinping

To the community workers of the Donghu New Town Community in Wuhan:

     I have received your letter. Since returning from Wuhan, the situation of the officials and people there has been con-stantly on my mind. Daily life in Wuhan’s communities, in-cluding that of your community, is gradually returning to normal, and for that I am very glad.

Amid this unprecedented struggle to contain Covid-19, urban and rural community workers have joined forces with the various parties involved in community control, working in solidarity with them without fear for the risks they face. In particular, our vast ranks of Party members and officials at the community level have set a good example and led from the front, creating a powerful force for joint prevention and control and society-wide participation and showcasing our tremendous power for winning this people’s war to contain the virus. I would like to extend my sincere regards to you all for the work you have done!
     Wuhan has now lifted its outbound travel restrictions from the city and Hubei Province, but we must not relax our containment efforts. Communities are still the vital front line when it comes to preventing imported cases and a domestic resurgence, and the key to success will be our routine con-tainment efforts. I hope you will promote a long-term ap-proach to this fight, conduct solid and meticulous prevention and control work, serve the people wholeheartedly, and make new contributions to a decisive victory in this all-out people’s war against Covid-19.

Xi Jinping

April 8, 2020

adapted from:Coordinating the Covid-19 Response with Economic and Social Development, Published by the Central Compilation and Translation Press, 2020