Xi Jinping: Returning to Normal Work and Life While Maintaining Routine Epidemic Controls

2021-04-08 13:49:51 | Author:Xi jinping

Returning to Normal Work and Life While

Maintaining Routine Epidemic Controls *

Xi Jinping
    April 8, 2020

At present, we are further consolidating the results we have achieved in this stage of our Covid-19 containment ef-forts, with important progress made in resuming work and production and accelerating the recovery of normal economic and social activity and order. Nevertheless, the virus is con-tinuing to spread internationally, and mounting downward pressure on the global economy has resulted in a marked in-crease in instability and uncertainty. China faces increasing pressure to avoid imported Covid-19 cases, and new difficul-ties and challenges have arisen in the resumption of work and production and in economic and social development. In light of the severe and complex pandemic and global economic landscape, we need to remain mindful of worst-case scenarios and prepare mentally and in our work for a changing external environment for a relatively long time to come. We need to coordinate virus containment and economic and social de-velopment, remaining vigilant to avoid imported cases and a domestic resurgence, while ramping up our economic and social development efforts. While maintaining routine con-tainment measures, we should accelerate the return to nor-mality by tackling the difficulties faced in resuming work and production and strive to minimize the losses arising from the epidemic. We must ensure a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and complete the final push in our fight against poverty.

We must closely watch Covid-19 developments both at home and abroad, cover all bases to prevent imported cases and a domestic resurgence, implement more targeted and ef-fective containment measures in a timely manner, and carry out epidemic prevention measures in a solid and meticulous way. We need to consolidate our containment achievements in key regions. Hubei and Wuhan should continue to concentrate their efforts on treating severe cases with a science-based approach and targeted measures, and conduct follow-up checks and reviews of discharged patients. We need to optimize community management and control measures and build a strong community control shield. All provinces, especially those around Hubei, should strengthen communication and information sharing to coordinate virus containment measures—adopting unified policies and stand-ards for the management of personnel and mutual recognition of health codes. We must also continue to ensure effective virus containment work in our capital city. All localities need to put in place targeted measures to identify asymptomatic carriers of the virus, tighten the net of epidemic prevention and control, and close all loopholes which could lead to a resurgence of the virus.

*Key remarks at a meeting of the Political Bureau Standing Committee of the 19th  CPC Central Committee.

adapted from:Coordinating the Covid-19 Response with Economic and Social Development, Published by the Central Compilation and Translation Press, 2020