Why Marx Was Right

Why Marx Was Right

作(编)者:Terry Eagleton

出版社:Chongqing Publishing House

出版时间:2017-10-01 00:00:00.0

  Capitalist system has been widely discredited in the West since the outbreak of global financial crisis in 2008. Socialist China as a "responsible power" has played a pivotal role in the financial tsunami. This has fully proved the advanced nature and vitality of Marxism.

  However, at a deeper level, why has Marxism played such a big role in China? Why was Marxism right? Many Chinese experts and scholars have commented on these issues before. Besides, Terry Eagleton, a British man living in a developed capitalist country, answered the questions in his monograph WHY MARX WAS RIGHT published by Yale University Press in April 2011, which has drawn wide attention from society. It is also a new result of current studies on Marxism in the West.

  As a firm Marxist, Eagleton thought that the opportunity for the whole world to re-understand and rethink Marxism is coming up, exactly based on his deep and systematic studies on Marxism for years.