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Xie Fusheng & Pan Yimei:A Proper Understanding of the Socialist National System in New Type

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Author:Xie Fusheng & Pan Yimei | Source:Marxism & Reality 2020(5)



   The essence of the national system is that the Party and the government organize large-scale collaboration according to the needs of governance and create powerful labor productivity for the state. To use it efficiently in governance, one needs to consider four key elements: to what it is applied to, the resources that guarantees its implementation, its organizational basis, and the cooperation between those involved. Based on the investigation of the essence and operational mechanisms of the national system during pandemics, it is found that the operational process of the national system shows the idea of recreating the administrative business process including the organizational structure, organizational leadership, organizational collaboration, and the information mechanism. In addition, new requirements for the application of the national system are put forward by the development of the socialist market economy, social changes, and digital technological innovation. In order to build a new national system, it is necessary to reshape the organizational process of the national system by absorbing digital technology, promote the diversification of the cooperation between those involved, the flow of information and data and the flattening of the organizational structure, and form a collaborative, efficient, and open government governance system.

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