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Lan Jiang:Apparatus, Event, and the Use of Body: Study on the Event Theory of Agamben

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Author:Lan Jiang | Source:Marxism & Reality 2020(5)



   The study on biopolitics is only a small part of Agamben’s overall writing, and his more important research is on how to go beyond the apparatus that divides our lives into bios and zoe. In the archaeology of source events, Agamben regarded the language as the original event, which formed the presupposition for human being, and thus constructed the linguistic apparatus. From the moment language occurred as a source event to the present, the apparatus has been dominating the destiny of human beings and dividing people into life under the apparatus and naked life. If you want to go beyond the apparatus, it is not enough to profane it. Etymologically, Agamben sees body use as a connection between the body and the touch established by an external being. In this sense, body use itself constitutes an event. The possibility of a transcendental apparatus lies in the Muses correlation of life with everything in the world through the event of body use.

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