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Gong Jingcai:Lukács’ Economic Philosophical Thought in the Context of Marx’s Economic Philosophy and Its Tragic Ending (I)

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Author:Gong Jingcai | Source:Marxism & Reality 2020(5)



   The debate about Lukács’ philosophical thought around History and Class Consciousness has been going on for nearly a hundred years. On the whole, it is a common phenomenon to ignore the nature of his economic philosophy, the consequence of which is that the fundamental character and true historical status of Lukács’ philosophical thought cannot be revealed. A review of Lukács’ philosophical thought in the context of Marx’s economic philosophy will result in a qualitative change in the concrete content and evaluation conclusion, and bring to us an epoch-making economic philosophy thought. Lukács raised and answered the question of what orthodox Marxism is in the comparative view of Second and Third International Marxism. Lukács’ severe criticism of the view of economic facts of bourgeois economics and Second International Marxism, his use of Marx’s dialectical view of economic facts to counter it and his development of his own view of economic facts provided the methodological premise for the theory of materialization.

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