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Wang Nanshi:A New Interpretation of Engels’ Proposition “Labor Created the Human Being Himself” Based on Marxist Philosophical Anthropology

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Author:Wang Nanshi | Source:Marxism & Reality 2020(5)



   The theoretical goal of Engels’s proposition that “labor created the human being himself” is to link physical anthropology with sociocultural anthropology. This proposition transitions from physical anthropology, which is close to natural science, to sociocultural anthropology. With a connective philosophical-anthropological vision, it provides a deeper and more comprehensive justification for the basic propositions of historical materialism: “Man is an objective activity” and “Man creates the environment, just as the environment creates man,” i.e. the human world is created through the interaction between human beings and the environment. This also means that this proposition itself constitutes the core proposition of historical materialism, so it can neither be abandoned nor maintained selectively; it must be maintained in toto. In addition, starting from a perspective of Marxist philosophical anthropology, with the help of a reasonable interpretation of the latest developments in life sciences, it is possible to successfully maintain this proposition in toto.

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