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Believe in, Apply and Develop Marxism

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Author:Cao Ping | Source:People’s Daily (June 08, 2018)


  In the whole world, there are very few political parties like the Communist Party of China that attaches great importance to the theory construction and has always maintained its theoretical consciousness. It can be found by looking back the history of struggle of the Party that, the Communist Party of China can keep on growing strong despite all hardships, a very important cause is that our Party has always attached great importance to building the Party ideologically and enhancing the Party theoretically, so that the whole Party can always maintain the unified ideology, firm willpower, coordinated action and powerful combating force.

  Theoretical consciousness is the consciousness and awakening to theory. The Communist Party of China is a Marxist political party. It adheres to Marxism as its guidance, and consciously believes in, applies and develops Marxism. The Communist Party of China has deeply realized the extreme importance of raising the banner of Marxism, the whole Party, especially the leading cadres of the Party has the consciousness to deeply and persistently work hard to study Marxism; it has deeply realized that Marxism provided the guideline of action, instead of unchanging dogma, and is conscious to combine the basic principles of Marxism with the concrete practice of China and apply it in the practice of China in a creative way; and it has deeply realized that Marxism is a developing and open system of theory, and is conscious to promote the development of Marxism with the vivid and rich practice in contemporary China.

  Marxism is the soul of the ideal and belief of the Communist Party of China. Comrade Mao Zedong said: “There is only one true theory in the world, the theory that is abstracted from the objective reality and proven in the objective reality, and nothing else can be called as the theory we talk about.” Marxism is the scientific theory produced from the objective reality and proven in the objective reality. The principles of Marxism about the materiality of the world and its law of development, the naturality and historicality of human society and its related laws, and about essence of cognition and its law of development, have provided a powerful ideological weapon for people to observe and analyze questions. The deeper you study Marxism, the more you can feel its scientificity and truthfulness, and the more firm you will believe in Marxism. In either the years of revolutionary wars or periods of peaceful construction and reform and opening up, the Communist Party of China has never relaxed in studying the classics and principles of Marxism. Such conscious tracing of the theoretical source has been internalized in the blood of the Chinese Communists, and become its spiritual pursuit, as an important way for it to remain true to its original aspiration, and always keep its advanced nature and purity.

  Marxism is not knowledge in the study, instead, it was born for the realization of human liberation and got enriched and developed in leading the human liberation. The Communist Party of China deeply knows that, Marxism was born in Europe in the mid-19th century, to apply it to guide the arduous and complicated cause of revolution, construction and reform in China, it must be closely combined with the concrete reality of China, instead of taking it as unchanging dogma, and everything must depend on the current time, location and conditions. It should also been seen that, Marxism is a vast and profound system of ideology and theory, so we must grasp its spiritual essence and living soul in the study and application, just as Comrade Deng Xiaoping said, “In studying Marxism-Leninism we must grasp the essence and learn what we need to know”. It is because of such soberness and consciousness in applying the theory, the Communist Party of China has written the basic principles of Marxism on the vast land of China, and in various historical periods of revolution, construction and reform, it studied and solved various major theoretical and practical issues with the position, viewpoints and methods of Marxism, leading the Chinese nation to the broad road of realizing the great rejuvenation.

  In China, Marxism gave rise to profound changes in this big ancient oriental country, making it vigorous, and at the same time, Marxism itself also acquired powerful vitality in the course of chinization. The Communist Party of China realized clearly that advancing with the times is the theoretical quality of Marxism, Marxism is an open system of theory keeping on developing with the times, practice and development of sciences, and it is its bounden duty to push Marxism to develop continually. Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Important Thought of “Three Represents”, the Scientific Outlook on Development and the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, these major theoretical achievements are the theoretical innovation made by the Communist Party of China in consciously responding to the call of the times, and in studying and solving major realistic issues. The Communist Party of China practices Marxism in such an open and developing attitude, and pushes it to continually acquire new forms of life. This is the best way of faithfully believing in Marxism.

Believing in, applying and developing Marxism, at three successive levels, constitute the important content of the theoretical consciousness of the Communist Party of China. Comrade Xi Jinping stressed that: “Theoretical consciousness and cultural self-confidence are the power for a nation to make progress.” To realize the great rejuvenation for the Chinese nation, theoretical thinking is of vital importance. Led by the Communist Party of China, a strong political party with high degree of theoretical consciousness, the beautiful picture scroll of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will surely unfold step by step on the land of China.

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