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High-quality Development of Economy is the Connotation of Promoting Socialist Modernization

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Author:Xu Zhishun | Source:Guangming Daily (May 24, 2018)


Starting from the new historical orientation, the report at the 19th National Congress of the CPC put forward two phases and the two “15-year” strategic arrangements (Two-stage Development Plan) for the new journey of building a socialist modernization country in an all-round way, i.e. from 2020 to 2035, we will build on the foundation created by the moderately prosperous society with a further 15 years of hard work to see that socialist modernization is basically realized; and from 2035 to the middle of the 21st century, we will, building on having basically achieved modernization, work hard for a further 15 years and develop China into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful. The report at the 19th National Congress of the CPC also made the strategic judgment that China’s economy has been transitioning from a phase of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development, emphasized that we must continue to pursue development as the Party’s top priority in governance and carry out the new concept of development, and that to build the modernized economic system, we need to adhere to putting quality first and giving priority to benefit, to push ahead quality reform, efficiency reform and drive force reform in economic development with the supply-side structural reform as the main line, and raise the total factor productivity of economy. Socialist modernization is the goal and direction of high-quality development of economy, and high-quality development of economy is the connotation and support of socialist modernization. An accurate understanding of the connotation and requirements of socialist modernization and conscientious grasp of the strategic arrangements in the two phases are the preconditions for the effective promotion of high-quality development of economy.  

Understanding the connotation and requirements of socialist modernization 

Socialist modernization is a development goal. According to Marxism, in the ideal society in the future, the free development of everyone is the condition of free development all people, fairness and justice, equality and dignity should be more highlighted, and more play should be given to the potential of each member of the society. The report at the 19th National Congress of the CPC describes the development goals of the two phases of modernization in China. The requirements in basically realizing the main goals of socialist modernization are: In economic construction field, China’s economic and technological strength has increased significantly, and China has become a global leader in innovation; in political development field, the rights of the people to participate and to develop as equals are adequately protected. The rule of law for the country, the government, and society is basically in place. Institutions in all fields are further improved; the modernization of China’s system and capacity for governance is basically achieved; in cultural development field, social etiquette and civility are significantly enhanced. China’s cultural soft power has grown much stronger; Chinese culture has greater appeal; in people's livelihood and social development field, people are leading more comfortable lives, and the size of the middle-income group has grown considerably. Disparities in urban-rural development, in development between regions, and in living standards are significantly reduced; equitable access to basic public services is basically ensured; and solid progress has been made toward prosperity for everyone; in social governance field, a modern social governance system has basically taken shape, and society is full of vitality, harmonious, and orderly; and in ecological development field, there is a fundamental improvement in the environment; the goal of building a Beautiful China is basically attained. The goal of a great modern socialist country is: prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful. Specifically, new heights are reached in every dimension of material, political, cultural and ethical, social, and ecological advancement, modernization of China’s system and capacity for governance is achieved, China has become a global leader in terms of composite national strength and international influence, common prosperity for everyone is basically achieved, the Chinese people enjoy happier, safer, and healthier lives, the Chinese nation will become a proud and active member of the community of nations. In summary, the blueprint of China's socialist modernization described in the report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC highlights the essential requirements of socialism with Chinese characteristics and represents the people's expectation for a better life. The socialist modernization we advance is one driven by innovation, taking people as the fundamental, aiming at realizing common prosperity of the people and achieving harmonious coexistence of people and nature.  

Socialist modernization is a development standard. To build a great modern socialist country means that we will not only be ranked among the high-income countries and regions, but also basically reach the development level of the median of the high-income countries. While reaching the economic growth size and quantity level of high income countries, we should also achieve the quality and efficiency standard of high-income countries in development impetus, social progress, population quality, living standard, ecological environment, and governance. These are the important standards for us to measure and evaluate the level of socialist modernization. It should also be seen that there are still many areas where we fall short in the course of completing the building of moderately prosperous society, mainly problems caused by unbalanced and inadequate development, for example, the quality and effect of development are not what they should be, China’s ability to innovate needs to be stronger, the real economy awaits improvement, there are still large disparities in development between rural and urban areas, between regions, and in income distribution; and our people face many difficulties in employment, education, healthcare, housing, and elderly care; the ecological and environmental protection has not been powerful enough, and the level of civic-mindedness needs further improvement. Whether these problems can be effectively solved is directly related to people's subjective feelings about the level and results of China's modernization construction, so we must pay particular attention to it. Therefore, we must well study and implement the strategic arrangement in the report at the 19th National Congress of the CPC about the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era, work definitely to solve the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development, and endeavor to realize development with higher quality, better efficiency, more equality and sustainability.  

Some main points in promoting the high-quality development of economy 

To secure a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and start the new march on the construction of a modern socialist country in an all-round way, we must continue to pursue development as the Party’s top priority in governance; we must unleash and develop productive forces, continue reforms to develop the socialist market economy, promote sustained and sound economic growth, and the high-quality development of economy. For this purpose, we should well grasp the following aspects.  

Establish a green development pattern. Socialist modernization construction is a long period, a historical process transforming from the backward development pattern that mainly relied on material resources input to stimulate economic growth to the advanced pattern that mainly relied on innovation drive to boost economic growth. In the past period of rapid economic growth, China's economic growth pattern was extensive due to relatively loose resource constraints, which led to serious environmental pollution and resource bottleneck constraints today. To promote high-quality development of economy, we must first explore and establish a scientific development pattern to break the resource bottleneck constraints. We cannot bring the backward development pattern that mainly relied on material resources input to stimulate economic growth into a new stage of development. The report at the 19th National Congress of the CPC put forth the strategic task of making China a country of innovators, and emphasized that we should firmly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, and achieve new breakthrough in a series of key areas such as strengthening basic research, the basic research in applied sciences and the construction of national procedure system, and advocating the innovative culture. Therefore, the role of scientific and technological innovation should be highlighted, a new path of green development should be taken, and an advanced development pattern that mainly relies on innovation input to promote economic growth should be formed.  

Economic growth should be coordinated with the promotion of social equity and justice. The report at the 19th National Congress of the CPC made guaranteeing and improving people's livelihood as one of the basic strategies in upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and emphasized that “the wellbeing of the people is the fundamental goal of development. We must do more to improve the lives and address the concerns of the people, and use development to strengthen areas of weakness and promote social fairness and justice.” Therefore, in promoting the high-quality development of economy, we must take the people's livelihood as the priority, the emphasis and the fundamental, well realize, safeguard and develop the fundamental interests of all our people, have the development results better and more fairly benefit all our people, and push the economic and social development in the direction of common prosperity. In practical work, we need to give high priority to improving the quality of employment and promoting entrepreneurship, and optimize the employment structure through industrial restructuring. To strengthen the construction of the basic public service system and increase the supply of public goods and services in the society, we must not only increase the quantity of supply, but also improve the quality of supply. We will further improve the social security system, continue to expand the coverage of social insurance, and steadily raise the level of social security benefits. We will build a modernized system of social governance, improve the way of social governance, stimulate the vitality of social organizations, and promote the modernization of the subjects, means and processes of social governance.  

We will promote the modernization of agriculture, rural areas and farmers through urban and rural integrated development. To realize modernization, we must address the issues of great disparities between regions and imbalanced urban and rural development. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that: to make China strong, the agriculture must be strong; to make China beautiful, the rural areas must be beautiful; to make China prosperous, the farmers must be rich. The report at the 19th National Congress of the CPC attached great importance to the work of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, and stated to pursue a rural vitalization strategy, and prioritize the development of agriculture and rural areas. To build rural areas with thriving businesses, pleasant living environments, social etiquette and civility, effective governance, and prosperity, we need to put in place sound systems, mechanisms, and policies for promoting integrated urban-rural development, and speed up the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. The rural vitalization strategy has broken the constraint of the previous balance of urban and rural development with importance attached to driving rural areas by cities and the one-direction resources flow of industries supporting agriculture, instead, it stresses that urban and rural areas are integral, respects the disparities and mutual supplement of resources, it upholds the main player position of farmers, gives full play to the initiatives of rural areas to stimulate the vitality of rural areas, and explores the establishment of the sustainable endogenous growth mechanism of agriculture and rural areas. In promoting the coordinated regional development, the report at the 19th National Congress of the CPC pointed out that: “We will create networks of cities and towns based on city clusters, enabling the coordinated development of cities of different sizes and small towns.” This has established the important spatial role and social value of city clusters in regional coordinated development. Promote the development of city clusters, the key is to well solve the difficulties of good collaboration between the cities and cross-region development, such as providing regional public goods including the co-construction and sharing among the cities of large city infrastructure, regional-coordinated social welfare, and cross-region city cluster governance, etc.  

We will prevent and mitigate risks and achieve steady growth. The modernization process is always accompanied by a series of economic and social risks and uncertainties. Under the background of economic globalization, all uncertain factors at home and abroad cause various risks and challenges, the double superposition of the economic and social structure transformation and institutional system transformation in China has, made the modernization construction more complex and arduous. The current and future periods will probably see the continuous accumulation and even concentrated revealing of risks in various aspects in the development of our country, these risks include those in the domestic economy, politics, ideology and society, and also those of international economy, politics, and military areas. It is stated in the report at the 19th National Congress of the CPC that the period between now and 2020 will be decisive in finishing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. We must focus on priorities, address inadequacies, and shore up points of weakness. In this regard, we must take tough steps to forestall and defuse major risks, carry out targeted poverty alleviation, and prevent and control pollution. It is further stressed in the report at the 19th National Congress of the CPC that we will improve the financial regulatory system to forestall systemic financial risks. To prevent and defuse risks, we need to strengthen the awareness of crisis, apply the baseline thinking, highlight the problem orientation, and improve our ability of control; we need to deepen a series of reforms, make up for institutional loopholes, and make good top-level design; we need to strengthen prevention and control at source, such as resolutely addressing overcapacity, reducing corporate leverage and enhancing our capacity for sustainable development; we will strike a balance between development and interests, efficiency and equity, solve problems related to people's wellbeing and increase people's feeling of happiness; and we will continue to intensify anti-corruption efforts, further improve relations between the Party and the masses, and increase the credibility of the Party committees and the government.  

(The author is the vice chairman of the Association of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Province)

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