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The Idea of Community with a Shared Future for Mankind Demonstrates China’s Wisdom and Strength

And Provides New Impetus for Global Governance System Transformation

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Author:Liao Fan | Source:People’s Daily (May 21, 2018)


The idea of building community with a shared future for mankind put forth by Comrade Xi Jinping is an important contribution of China to the peace and development of the world today. It reflects China's view of international governance and international order in face of the great changes in the world, and will provide new impetus for the transformation of the global governance system and promote the formation of a new international order that is more just and equitable.  

The idea of community with a shared future for mankind is Inheritance and development of the five principles of peaceful coexistence. The five principles of peaceful coexistence represent China's historic contribution to the establishment of a new type of international relations featuring justice and rationality. Among the five principles, mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity is the foundation. The community with a shared future for mankind is built on the foundation of national sovereignty equality, and is a solution to the problems confronting the whole mankind, also an innovative idea and plan to realize the common value pursuit of the mankind. The idea of community with a shared future for mankind advocates that all countries enjoy sovereign equality, respect for each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and respect each other's core interests and major concerns.  

The idea of community with a shared future for mankind emphasizes that we should think, deal with and solve the common problems facing the world from the perspective of the overall interests, well-being and destiny of the mankind. Just as Comrade Xi Jinping has pointed out, “No country can meet the challenges facing humanity on its own, and no country can retreat to a self-enclosed island.” The reality that the whole mankind shares joys and sorrows and shares the common destiny objectively requires all countries of the world discard the thinking of confrontation and zero-sum game, and choose the path of win-win cooperation, to jointly build a community of interests and responsibilities, further forming a community of shared destiny.  

At present, with the deepening of economic globalization, all countries are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. At the same time, countries face many common challenges such as terrorism, cyber security and climate change. Compared to the requirement of promoting the healthy development of economic globalization and world peace and development process, there are still quite many shortcomings in the current international laws and global governance system, and hegemonism, unilateralism and de-globalization trend still pose a threat to world peace and development. Therefore, we should uphold the idea of community with a shared future for mankind, base ourselves on the great changes in the international order, improve international laws and promote reform of the global governance system.  

We should maintain the multilateral trading system. Facing the opportunities and challenges brought by economic globalization, the right choice is to conduct extensive and mutually beneficial cooperation. We should, with building the community with a shared future for mankind as the guide, complete the international trade laws on the basis of upholding multilateralism, safeguarding the authority and effectiveness of the multilateral institutional system; we should reform the global economic governance system and give more representativeness and voice to emerging markets and developing countries; and we should adapt to the new requirements of the international economic pattern, to promote more open, inclusive, generally preferential, balanced and win-win economic globalization.  

We should properly handle relations between our own interests and those of other countries. The issue of national interests is unavoidable in international relations and the international rule of law, and coordination of national interests is a main drive force in the development of the international laws. The idea of a community with a shared future for mankind contains the idea that we should not develop ourselves at the expense of the interests of other countries, and in the meantime we should never abandon sovereignty, security and development interests of our own. This should be the basic principle in dealing with the relations of interests between countries and form international rules. Only when we pursue for mutual benefit and common development on the basis of safeguarding the national sovereignty, security and development interests of our own, can we have the ability to promote and realize the interests of the whole international community and promote the building of new international relationships.  

We should take the initiative in developing the international human rights law. Human rights are a topic of common concern to all countries in the world, and safeguarding human rights is also an important basis and value pursuit of international law. The idea of a community with a shared future for mankind emphasizes balance, inclusiveness and sharing, which endows the theory of human rights with rich cultural connotations and features of a new era, and gives new impetus to human rights and its guarantee of the rule of law. Guided by the idea of a community with a shared future for mankind, China should seize the initiative in developing the international human rights law, so as to better safeguard its own interests and the common interests of the whole mankind.  

(The author is a research fellow of the Institute of International Law, CASS)

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