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Marxism Keeps Shining with the Brilliant Light of Truth

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Author:Ruan Qin | Source:People's Daily (May 8, 2018)


This year marks the 200th anniversary of Marx's birth and the 170th anniversary of the publication of Communist Manifesto. Marxism has showed exuberant vitality, extensive influence across time and space and incomparable attraction since its birth. "Two centuries on, despite huge and profound changes in human society, the name of Karl Marx is still respected all over the world and his theory still shines with the brilliant light of truth," said Comrade Xi Jinping in his speech at the conference commemorating the 200th anniversary of Marx's birth, "The most valuable and influential spiritual asset that Marx left to us is the scientific theory named after him - Marxism. Like a spectacular sunrise, the theory illuminated the path of humans' exploration of the law of history and search for their own liberation." That socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era means that scientific socialism is full of vitality in China in the 21st century and that Marxism shines with more brilliant light of truth. The truthfulness of Marxism has solid theoretical and practical foundations. In the great journey of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, Marxism has always been the guiding ideology of our Party and country, and it is a powerful ideological weapon for us to understand the world, grasp laws, pursue truth, and change the world.  

Theoretical Basis of the Truthfulness of Marxism 

Comrade Xi Jinping said, "In the history of human thought, there are no other thoughts or theories that have had such a wide and profound influence as Marxism has." The reason why Marxism has exerted such an extensive and profound influence rests with its truthfulness. The truthfulness of Marxism lies in the fact that it achieves an organic combination between scientific world outlook and methodology, science and value, and reality and transcendence, and builds a complete, scientific theoretical system.  

The truthfulness of Marxism originates from science of the theory which reveals the laws of human social development creatively. Emerging in response to the development of times, Marxism has showed unique theoretical themes, basic position, analysis framework, thinking mode, logical structure and value orientation. As a complete theoretical system, it includes three parts: philosophy, political science and scientific socialism. The founders of Marxism have critically transformed classical German philosophy, and formed dialectical materialism by combining dialectics with materialism; and created historical materialism by bringing dialectical materialism into social and historical research fields. Based on the scientific world outlook and methodology of dialectical materialism and historical materialism, Marxism has correctly solved the problem of the relationship between social existence and social consciousness, comprehensively analyzed basic characteristics of human social development starting from material production activities of the people, systematically described the movement process of basic contradictions facing human society, and brilliantly summed up the laws of human social development; comprehensively analyzed the purposes and essence of commodity production in capitalist society, and profoundly revealed the nature of capitalist exploitation; examined the development process of the proletariat, described their historical mission, and expressed the historical inevitability for socialism to replace capitalism. Thus it can be seen that Marxism is a scientific theoretical system with clear themes, vast systems, rigorous logic and distinct value orientation.  

The truthfulness of Marxism originates from the science of methods. It is a powerful ideological weapon for the proletariat and the people to understand and change the world. Marxism has not only revealed the general laws of nature, human society and human thinking development, making us correctly realize and comprehensively understand the relationship between people and nature, people and society and people and themselves at a macro level, but also taken the theory as a scientific method of observing and studying all things. Friedrich Engels said that historical materialism has "fully applied the world outlook in every knowledge area studied (at least the main aspect)" since its establishment. This clearly indicates that Marxism is more a kind of methodology than a world outlook. Engels stressed that "Marx's whole manner of conceiving things is not a doctrine, but a method. It offers no finished dogmas, but rather points of reference for further research, and the method of that research." The so-called method means the thinking mode or tool system which people use to understand and change the world. It is the medium where the subject acts on the object. Marxism builds methodology on dialectical materialism and historical materialism, putting an end to the dominance of idealism methodology and first endowing methodology with scientific property; brings practical viewpoints into methodology and puts forward that the mission of philosophy is not only to interpret the world, but also to change the world, leading to a revolutionary change in the function of methodology. Additionally, the methods of seeking truth from facts, contradiction analysis, process analysis, subject and object, basic social contradictions, social strata and class analysis, and mass line and mass viewpoint in Marxism have built a complete system of methodology for us and truly realized a high degree of unity between scientific world outlook and scientific methodology.  

The truthfulness of Marxism originates from the people-centered value pursuit, a strong force full of morality and justice. Marxism is profound and deep, but it all comes down to one thing - to pursue the liberation of the human race. Marxism is a theory representing basic interests of the proletariat and the vast majority of the people, and a theoretical weapon guiding the proletariat to strive for freedom and liberation. The proletariat is the most selfless class which is engaged in the revolution most thoroughly. The nature of the class determines that it is bound to take a scientific attitude to understand the law of social development, master its historical mission and plan an ideal society in future. The Communist Manifesto points out that "All previous historical movements were movements of minorities, or in the interest of minorities. The proletarian movement is the self-conscious independent movement of the immense majority, in the interest of the immense majority." The highest expression of "the proletariat political party representing basic interests of the people" is to lead them to overthrow capitalist system, determine the subject position of the proletariat and the people in political and economic life in the country and play the role of masters. The Marxism values reveal false and deceptive bourgeois values, and clarify that its value subject is the proletariat and the people, its value orientation is to seek for liberation of the proletariat and the people and help them live a rich life, and its value ideal is to achieve free and all-round development of humans, so it is a strong force full of morality and justice.  

The truthfulness of Marxism originates from lofty social ideals, thus becoming lofty ideal and faith of the proletariat and their vanguard. The so-called ideal and faith are the people's conscious pursuit of beautiful prospect and ambitious value goals beyond the reality. With the ideal and faith, the people are aware of that they should go beyond themselves, shape and develop themselves, look ahead, and strive to realize the highest value and ideal goals. Classical writers on Marxism have always stressed that the proletariat and their political party must have lofty ideal faith. Marxist belief features a clear function of social regulation, and serves as the inherent measure and fundamental basis of the proletariat political party and the people for all social activities; develops the function of social orientation which guides development, so that the proletariat political party and the people can be guided to unify their own value pursuits and lofty social ideals, and identify with and establish great communist ideals; and plays a powerful driving role in arousing the enthusiasm of the proletariat and the people for fighting for their ideals and working hard consciously to realize great communist ideals.  

Practical Basis of the Truthfulness of Marxism 

Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. Comrade Xi Jinping said that "Marxism is a theory of practice that guides people's effort in changing the world." "The viewpoints of practice and life are the basic ideas of the Marxist epistemology. Practicality is a remarkable feature differentiating Marxist theory from other theories." With distinct practical character, Marxism is committed to not only interpreting the world in a scientific manner, but also changing the world actively. The CPC has led the Chinese people to make remarkable achievements in every period of the revolution, development and reform under the guidance of Marxism, providing a solid practical basis for the truthfulness of Marxism.  

The basic reason why the CPC can lead the people to achieve great success in revolution, development and reform lies in the combination of basic principles of Marxism and actual conditions of China. The CPC came on the political stage when the Chinese nation was plunged into the deep crisis of domestic turmoil and foreign aggression. It combined basic principles of Marxism and actual conditions of China, and opened up a right revolutionary path of encircling the cities from rural areas and taking power by armed means; it led the Chinese people to accomplish the historical mission of getting free from the oppression of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism and establishing a new China; it deeply changed the development direction and course of the Chinese nation since modern times, changed the future and destiny of the Chinese people and nation, as well as the trend and pattern of the world development. After the establishment of new China, the CPC held high the banner of Marxism, united the Chinese people and led them in completing socialist revolution, establishing socialism as China's basic system, and advancing socialist construction. This completed the broadest and most profound social transformation in the history of the Chinese nation, laid down the fundamental political preconditions and institutional foundations for all development and progress in contemporary China, and laid down a solid foundation for China's development, prosperity, and strength and the Chinese people's affluence, thus bringing about a leap forward whereby the Chinese nation reversed its fate from the continuous decline of modern times to steady progress toward prosperity and strength. The Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee kicked off the reform and opening-up in China. The CPC upheld Marxism, adhered to its own path and created socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the great arduous process of practice and exploration, the CPC led the Chinese people in establishing the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and socialist culture with Chinese characteristics. Marxism can solve the historical subject that China faces. This is the most important practical basis for the truthfulness of Marxism.  

The Marxist theory of basic social contradictions is the theoretical foundation for the CPC to advance the great cause of reform and opening-up in modern times. Communists take reform and opening-up as a powerful driving force for developing Chinese socialism according to the Marxist theory of basic social contradictions. According to Marxism, the contradictions between productive forces and production relations and between economic base and superstructure are basic contradictions facing human society; it is the basic law of human society that productive forces determine production relations and production relations must be adapted to the development of productive forces. It indicates that productive forces are the most active and most revolutionary element to advance social progress; only when efforts are speeded up to liberate and develop social productive forces, can great superiority of socialist system be reflected. Our Party has comprehensively analyzed the movement state of social contradictions in contemporary China, and taken reform and opening-up as the only way to liberate and develop social productive forces and a new great revolution that the CPC leads the Chinese people to carry out under the conditions of a new era. Practices prove that the reform and opening-up have greatly enhanced comprehensive strength of China and made China the second largest economy in the world; improved the socialist system, and increased the modernization level of national governance system and capacity rapidly; basically met material and cultural needs of the people, and significantly enhanced their living quality; helped social causes make considerable progress, and ensured the safety and peace of the people as well as social stability and order; made the ecological civilization construction conducted in order and facilitated the current formation of a new pattern of modernization concerning the harmonious development between human and nature.  

Marxism has set up a noble spiritual pursuit for all Communists. Revolutionary ideals rise above all else. Communists have upheld Marxist faith as a noble spiritual pursuit, and been committed to building a cohesive and solidly-based revolutionary team "as strong as iron in their belief, faith, discipline and sense of responsibility." Comrade Xi Jinping said that "It has always been the foundation for the lifeline and pursuit of all Communists to have full confidence in ideals and firm faith in communism. Belief in Marxism and faith in socialism and communism are the political soul of Communists, enabling them to withstand all tests." Undoubtedly, compared to the times of Marx and Engels, today's world has experienced dramatic changes, and showed such characteristics as multi-polarization, economic globalization, social informatization and cultural diversity. China, in the critical period of comprehensively deepening the reform, is faced with its unique development problems. Facing new situations, new problems and new challenges, as well as emergence of all kinds of "isms," "theories," "doctrines" and "modes," Communists have always adhered to Marxism, so that they are able to hold the line and deal with these situations calmly. With confidence in the political system and conscious adherence to Marxism, they have continued to create a new situation of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, thus promoting socialism with Chinese characteristics to enter a new era. Practices fully prove that Marxism shows strong power of truth regardless of past, present, and future.  

(Author's affiliation: Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C)

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