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Unswervingly and Comprehensively Deepen the Reform

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Author:Xin Ming | Source:Guangming Daily (April 17, 2018)


The year of 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up in China, and the orientation of reform and opening up of China now attracts general attention by the outside world. Recently, President Xi Jinping made a clear answer to this question in his keynote speech at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018: “In the new era, the Chinese people will constantly strive to become stronger and make self-innovation, unswervingly and comprehensively deepen reform, cut a road when coming to a hill and build a bridge when coming to a river, dare to operate on stubborn diseases and bold to break the fixed barriers of interests, to carry on the reform through to the end.” This statement is a highly conscious political declaration of the Communist Party of China in promoting reform and opening up, and a clear expression of the firm will of the Chinese society to push forward reform and opening up, more importantly, it is a sound of hope to bring further progress and prosperity for the world.  

China’s reform is a grant cause, and it is only going on, not finished. After 40 years of rapid growth, especially the steady progress with fast pace during the 5 years since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, China has accomplished a lot in reform. It would be hard to imagine everything in either becoming rich and strong, or achieving “Chinese miracle” and the “governance of China” without the great efforts made in reform and opening up. However, as it is only half way at 90 in a journey of 100 miles, there are still many to be done in the reform of China. We will continue to push forward those having been done and improve them, put into practice those already proposed but remaining undone, and correct those not adapting to the development of the situation. To carry on the reform through to the end, we should not only continue to thoroughly reform the old systems and patterns before the reform and opening up, but also reform again some unscientific and unreasonable system patterns and behavior habits formed in the course of reform.  

Specifically, we should work hard on comprehensively deepening of reform. We should “pay more attention to pursuing the reform in a systematic, holistic, and coordinated way”. At present, reform has come to the area with deep water, every reform can produce significant effect on other reforms, and every reform also requires collaboration and coordination from other reforms. If we always press ahead reform only on a single aspects, then it is not only impossible for the reform to proceed well and go far, and it will even result in dissimilation of reform to a certain extent. Of course, the economic system reform should continue to play a leading role, yet we should also speed up the reform in all areas of politics, society, culture, ecology, Party building, and national defense and army. We should “lose no time to deepen the reform in important areas”, and press it ahead as a whole with breakthroughs at main points through the mutual promotion and favorable interaction of various reforms, to form a powerful resultant force to continue to push ahead reform.  

Reform is a revolution, yet the revolution is not yet successful, so comrades still need to work hard. Fundamentally, reform is the adjustment and readjustment of interests. After 40 years of reform, those that are easy with satisfaction to all have been completed, all flesh has been eaten up, and only hard bones left. As we say that the reform in China has come to a critical stage and area of deep water, it actually means that it is time to make “revolution” on the interest structure that harms fairness and justice and restricts the harmonious development of society. General Secretary Xi Jinping referred reform and opening up as “the second revolution in China”, using revolution as a metaphor of reform, he meant to cultivate and stimulate the vitality and vigor for the Chinese society to march to a more beautiful feature by building up a fair and just pattern of interests.  

Reform is after all a self-revolution, and to touch the cheese of others, one should first remove his own fortification. In his explanatory notes for the decision made at the third Plenum of the 18th CPC Central Committee, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, “Often, the roadblocks in our minds that hinder reform do not come from outside the system, but from ourselves”. This remark is both significant and enlightening. To carry on the reform through to the end, it requires us to push forward reform with the boldness of self-revolution and a fortitudinous willpower, dare to operate on the years long stubborn diseases and to touch the interest relations and contradictions at deep levels, firmly broke the ideological binding and the barriers of fixed interests, firmly remove the institutional mechanism and barriers that hinder the development of social productive force, and push the profound social revolution with resolute self-revolution to the final victory.  

Reform is innovation. “If you can make things better for one day, you should make them better every day and never stop doing this”. Reform must discard the old ways and be aimed at new ones. It is an unprecedented great practice to complete and develop the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, push forward the state governance system and modernization of governance capability. This means that the reform of Chinese society must not be bookish and go to petrification, nor must it be trapped into “nihilism” to sway from the fundamental, even more, it must not simply copy others to commit a subversive mistake. We must blaze a new path in the spirit of innovation. Especially, as the socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, the people have daily growing new expectations for a beautiful life and China is approaching the center of the stage in the world, it has more demand that reform must have Chinese creation, Chinese path, Chinese spirit, Chinese governance and Chinese contributions. All this is not only the expectation for a great oriental country with the inheritance of splendid civilization for 5000 years, but means even more a powerful and modernized nation marching forward in the historical logic and developing in the tide of development of the times.  

In a further view, the reform in China is no longer an event of China, or no longer mainly an event of China, and it has become an event of the world, with growing influence on the world. In fact, the reform in China has not only changed China and influenced the world; it has started to mold the world on many aspects and to a great extent. Especially, since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the people of the Communist Party of China has always planned the governance of China together with the global governance with a vision of the world and a strong global sense, to realize better governance of the nation while undertaking the responsibility of optimizing and improving global governance. Responding to the call of the times and following the general trend of the world, to carry on the reform through to the end, we should take an active part in the reform of global governance system by putting forth Chinese propositions, contributing Chinese plans, playing the power of China, and spreading the wisdom of China, so as to build a new type of international relations, promote the construction of community with a shared future for mankind and make greater contributions to the mankind.  

(Author: Xin Ming, research fellow of the Research Center of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era of the Party School of Central Committee of CPC)

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