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New Start of Reform and Opening-up Favors both China and the World

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Author:Ni Jianjun | Source:Guangming Daily (April 12, 2018)


In his keynote speech at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018, President Xi Jinping stressed that people of all countries should work together and forge ahead to build a community of shared future for mankind and create a peaceful, tranquil, prosperous, open and beautiful Asia and world; China will unswervingly pursue reform and opening up, continue to launch new major initiatives to expand its openness, and work with other countries in Asia and the world to create a better future for Asia and the world. The keynote speech has charted the course for the development of Asia and the world, and injected positive energy into the world economy. It is conducive to building a peaceful, cooperative, open, integrated and innovative development environment.  

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up and the beginning of the implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC. The theme of Boao Forum for Asia is “An Open and Innovative Asia for a World of Greater Prosperity”. Boao Forum for Asia has witnessed the growth and prosperity of China and Asia, and witnessed the unparalleled momentum and influence of China's reform and opening up. President Xi Jinping pointed out that, with 40 years of united efforts and 40 years of hard work, the Chinese people have written a magnificent epic of national development with their hands. For 40 years, the Chinese people always keep an open mind to embrace the world, insist on opening up as the basic national policy, open the door to carry out construction, and successfully realized the great transition from a closed and semi-closed state to an all-round open state, becoming the main stabilizer and source of power of world economic growth, and making the contribution of China for the lofty cause of human peace and development.  

The unique positioning and influence of Boao Forum for Asia is becoming daily clear with the growth and prosperity of China and Asia. As President Xi Jinping proposed the initiative of constructing the community with a shared future for mankind with the purpose to follow the historical trend and enhance the human welfare, the people in Asia have come to realize that only by adhering to the awareness of community with a shared future for Asia and mankind can we respond to the challenges in Asia and better condense the common understanding of Asia and push forward cooperation in Asia.  

 “The open gate of China will not close and will only be opened more widely!” President Xi Jinping declared four major measures in his speech: substantially relaxing market access, creating a more attractive investment environment, strengthening protection for intellectual property rights, and taking initiative to expand import. This has once again released clear signal to the world: reform will be further deepened, and opening-up will be further expanded. China will push to form a new pattern of all-round opening-up, further extend the scope and level of opening-up, and complete the structural layout and institutional mechanism of opening-up, to promote the high quality development with high level of opening-up.  

Christine Lagarde, the President of IMF, said, President Xi Jinping mentioned in his speech further opening areas such as finance, insurance and auto, reducing trade barriers and providing a fair business environment, and these very specific measures showed China’s openness, innovation and inclusiveness. She believed that China will continue to achieve success on the basis of the success of reform and opening-up over the past 40 years. International public opinion stated that, a series of China’s practical measures showed that China will continue to firmly promote the reform and opening up in the future, this benefits both China and the world, and will vigorously promote common development and prosperity of China and the world.  

In the world today, in the face of the surging tide of peace and cooperation, openness, integration, transformation and innovation, the responsible measures of China of opening and inclusiveness are also the most powerful counterattack against the egoistic zero-sum game and tyranny of power of some countries to bully others.  

The 40 years of reform and opening up have changed China and also China's relations with Asia and the world. China has become the leading driver of Asian economic development and a major stabilizer and power source for world economic growth. China's role as an important market demander in Asia is rising steadily as the foreign trade in Asian region and countries has become less dependent on the US and Europe. The shift of Chinese economy from high-speed growth to high-quality development will bring more opportunities for the development in Asia. According to the estimation by the Economic Research Center of Japan, by 2030, every 1% increase in China’s demand will boost the economic size of the five ASEAN countries by 3.3 billion USD, doubling that of 2015; 1% demand of China will drive up the Japanese economy by 4.6 billion USD, increasing by about 60% from that of 2015, and the sum of economic drive effect of 1% of China’s demand on Japan and the five ASEAN countries is 1.4 times that produced by the United States.  

China's pragmatic initiatives also bring new development opportunities continually to Asian region. President Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech that, the Belt and Road Initiative was originated from China, but the opportunities and results belong to the world. We will build the Belt and Road into the most extensive platform for international cooperation conforming to the tide of economic globalization, so that the Belt and Road will better benefit people of all countries. At present, countries and regions in Asia are obtaining opportunities and results brought by the Belt and Road, and major projects such as Jakarta – Bandung High-speed Railway in Indonesia and China–Laos Railway are pushed ahead in an orderly way. Upholding the concept of community with a shared future for mankind, while continually pushing forward the construction of Belt and Road, China also promotes the in-depth regional cooperation of China - ASEAN (10+1), the cooperation of ASEAN with China, Japan and Korea, the Lancang-Mekong River Cooperation, the East Asia Summit, and Asia Cooperation Dialogue, pushes forward the negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) to conclude on an early date, and actively pushes the construction of Free Trade Agreement of the Asia Pacific(FTAAP), to lay a solid foundation for the construction of the community with a shared future for mankind and to get more fruits.  

(Author entity: China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations)

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