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A New Chapter in the History of Brics Cooperation

——Study deeply the important speech of President Xi Jinping at the Brics Summit in Xiamen

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Author:Wang Yi | Source:People’s Daily (September 12, 2017)


On September 3 to 5, the Ninth Brics Summit was held in Xiamen. This was an important conference held at the occasion of 10 years of Brics cooperation, and also an important host diplomatic activity of China before the convening of the 19th National Congress of the CPC. President Xi Jinping presided over the whole courses of the small scope and large scope meetings of Brics leaders, and the dialogue of emerging market with developing countries, attended the opening ceremony of Brics industrial and commercial forum and the dialogue with Business Council, and delivered a series of important speeches. For the new opportunities and new challenges faced by the Brics cooperation, President Xi Jinping proposed the Chinese Initiative and Chinese Plan to lead the Brics cooperation, leaving a deep Chinese impression in the course of Brics cooperation. The international society gave a general praise that President Xi Jinping’s speeches injected new motive force to deepening the Brics cooperation, offered new plan to improve global governance, and made new contribution to promoting the world development, fully demonstrating the manner of President Xi Jinping as a leader of a big nation in steering and leading the trend of the world and the times.  

Review and summary of achievements and historical experience in Brics cooperation 

“A high building must be founded on the ground”. President Xi Jinping pointed out at the opening ceremony of the Brics Industrial and Commercial Forum that, “the foundation for Brics cooperation has been laid, and the overall framework has shown its initial profile”. With real data and cases, he deeply elaborated the important achievements made by the Brics countries in the past decade in seeking joint development, promoting mutual benefit cooperation and playing their role on the international stage, and emphasized that the potential and trend for Brics to continually march forward have not changed. President Xi Jinping’s speeches deeply revealed the historical necessity of the continuous growing of Brics cooperation, and greatly inspired the confidence and enthusiasm of the five countries in cooperation. International media commented that Brics cooperation has great potential, with broad prospects in further cooperation and integration.  

In the past 5 years, President Xi Jinping put forth a series of important propositions on Brics cooperation, to actively push forward the Brics cooperation and continually chart the course for the development of Brics mechanism. In 2013, when attending the Brics Summit held at Durban of South Africa, President Xi Jinping put forth the four goals for the Brics “integrated markets, multi-tiered network, connectivity by land, air and sea, and greater cultural exchanges”. In 2014, at Fortaleza in Brazil, President Xi Jinping advocated the Brics spirit “openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation”. In 2015, at Ufa in Russia, President Xi Jinping proposed to build the “four partnership relations” of Brics countries to safeguard world peace, promote joint development, carry on multiple civilization and strengthen global economic governance. In 2016, at Goa in India, President Xi Jinping stressed to expand and consolidate the “friend circle” of Brics. Guided by this series of China concepts, Brics cooperation has demonstrated continual new vigor and new look.  

In 2017, China hosted the Brics summit the second time after 6 years, just at the critical point for Brics cooperation to continue with the past and open up the future. At the Xiamen Summit, President Xi Jinping, on the basis of the previous initiatives, put forth 3 important visions of “treating each other as equals and seeking common ground while shelving differences”, “taking a result-oriented and innovative approach to make BRICS cooperation benefit all” and “developing Brics itself to help others with the well-being of the world in mind”. He pointed out that Brics should consult with each other in everything; the Brics is a team of action to put words into practice, instead of a talk shop, and the Brics have adopted the criterion “dialogue and partnership rather than confrontation and alliance” from the very beginning, making it a positive energy in the international society. These three visions condense the ancient philosophic ideas of China, the contemporary diplomatic concepts and the diplomatic practice in the new period, accurately reflect the essence of Brics cooperation and the true meaning of Brics spirit, incisively summarize the common value pursuit of the five countries experience cooperation for a decade, and set an example in building new type international relationship with win-win cooperation at the core.  

Planning the blueprint of the second “Golden decade” for Brics cooperation 

Standing from the present and aiming at the future, President Xi Jinping planned the main direction for future Brics cooperation on four aspects of growth, security, governance and cooperation, and expounded the Chinese plan to deepen the Brics partnership in all aspects, which received positive response from all parties, as a beautiful blueprint for the future Brics cooperation, to start the new historical chapter of the second “golden decade” in Brics cooperation.  

Focusing on development, to push the pragmatic Brics cooperation onto a new stage. President Xi Jinping pointed out that, economic cooperation is the root of Brics mechanism. We should expand interest converging points in fields of trade and investment, monetary finance, connectivity, sustainable development, innovation and industrial cooperation with this as the main line, to make the cooperation in all fields institutional and solidified, and continually increase the gold content of Brics cooperation; China is willing to make joint efforts with all parties, to well implement the previous results and consensus, well operate the existing mechanism, jointly grasp the historical opportunities brought by the new industrial revolution, actively explore new areas and new patterns in pragmatic cooperation, tighten the ribbon of connection and let the Brics cooperation mechanism advance steadily and achieve great goals. These propositions are closely linked with the joint development goals of the five countries, planning correct route and injecting powerful motive force in deepening the pragmatic cooperation and boosting the economy in the five countries. Guided by President Xi Jinping, the five countries focused in critical areas and reached over 30 practical results in economic cooperation, making solid steps to the goal of big trade and investment market, great monetary and financial circulation and connectivity of infrastructure.  

Speaking in a common voice, to raise the international influence of Brics cooperation. President Xi Jinping pointed out that, the Brics countries are like five fingers, in different lengths when stretching, and make a fist when gripping together; the five countries speaking in a common voice and making proposals jointly on issues of international peace and development can not only meet the expectation of the international society, but also help safeguard our own common interests; we should strengthen communication and coordination on major international and regional issues, pool together the joint forces of Brics, safeguard the purpose and principles of the UN Charter and the basic standards of international relationship, firmly maintain multilateralism, promote democracy in international relationship, oppose hegemonism and power politics, and participate in the solution to geographic and political hot issues in a constructive manner. All parties to the Brics believe that this has made clear strategically the important significance for Brics countries to deepen political and security cooperation, and agree to make more “Brics voices” in international affairs, to act as the vindicator of world peace and constructor of international security order.  

Blazing new trials in innovation, to create a new pattern of “three-wheel drive” in Brics cooperation. President Xi Jinping emphasized that, in both deepening the Brics cooperation of our own and building up extensive partnership, the mutual understanding and friendship among people are the indispensable foundation stone; we should give play to the role of humanistic exchange and ribbon, gather personages of all circles to the cause of Brics cooperation, to pool together the exchanges and friendly feelings of the people of five countries and inject continuous motive forces into Brics cooperation. The initiatives of President Xi Jinping have highlighted the important position and role of humanistic exchange in Brics cooperation, and have received warm response from leaders of all countries. The colorful humanistic exchange activities have become a light spot in the Brics “Chinese year”, promoting the Brics cooperation to optimize and upgrade from the “two-wheel drive” of economic finance and political security to the “three-wheel drive” of economy, politics and humanity. The Brics partnership has taken root among the people, and the popular support for Brics cooperation has been further consolidated.  

Pointing out the cooperation orientation of emerging market and developing countries 

Today, the emerging market and developing countries represented by Brics countries are developing rapidly, with their international influence keeping on increasing, playing a daily increasing important role in global governance. President Xi Jinping accurately grasped the pulse of the times and guided the emerging market and developing countries to deeply participate in the global governance, producing a far-reaching influence in promoting the transformation and completion of international system and establishing a more fair and rational international order.  

Advocating transformation of global economic governance. President Xi Jinping pointed out that, we should promote establishing more balanced and preferential governance model and rules, and optimizing and remoulding the international division of work system and global value chain; we should push forward transformation of global economic governance system, to reflect the reality of world economic pattern and raise the representativeness and right to speak of emerging market and developing countries; and we should improve the governance rules for new domains such as deep sea, polar regions, outer space and network, to make sure that all countries share rights and responsibilities. This has further made clear the common interests and responsibilities of emerging market and developing countries in promoting the transformation of global economic governance system, pointed out the direction in completing the global economic governance and set the action goals for deepening the Brics cooperation.  

Creating the “Brics plus” cooperation pattern. With the vivid metaphor “it is easy to broke one arrow but very difficult to break ten bound together”, President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of unity and collaboration to emerging market and developing countries, and pointed out that we should expand the ramifying and benefiting range of Brics cooperation, promote the “Brics plus” cooperation pattern, create an open and multi-element development partner network, and enable more emerging market and developing countries to participate in the cause of unity and cooperation and win-win mutual benefit. The “Brics plus” cooperation pattern has demonstrated the base color of developing countries in Brics cooperation, making Brics cooperation the south-south cooperation platform with the biggest global influence, and providing a new opportunity for emerging market and developing countries to participate in global governance and seek joint development.  

Implement the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. As a big developing country, China always attaches importance to reflecting the appeals from developing countries and safeguard the interests of developing countries. Following the G20 Hangzhou Summit and the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Xiamen Summit focused on the theme of development once again. At the dialogue of emerging market and developing countries, President Xi Jinping stressed that, we should base on our own conditions and explore a road of sustainable development for coordinated progress of economy, society and environment; we should call the international society to place development at an important position in macroscopic policy coordination, to implement the sustainable development agenda more quickly; and we should urge the developed countries to keep their commitment, and increase the support to developing countries. President Xi Jinping announced a series of pragmatic measures to strengthen the cooperation with emerging market and developing countries, demonstrating China takes the responsibility to engage in the global sustainable development cause, receiving general praise in the international society.  

Promoting innovation in diplomatic theory to obtain new breakthroughs 

President Xi Jinping’s important speeches at Xiamen Summit have upgraded more Chinese concepts to international consensus and converted more Chinese initiatives into international actions, further enriching and developing the big country diplomatic theory system with Chinese characteristics.  

Injecting new motive force to the building of a community with shared future for mankind. The Brics countries are in a similar phase of development, with the identical development goal and undertaking the similar historical mission. The Brics cooperation itself reflects the common destiny of five countries in cooperative development and win-win benefit, embodying the trend of historical progress. President Xi Jinping put forth the proposition to build Brics countries community of interests and destiny, and called the emerging market and developing countries to jointly construct “community of development and community of destiny”, receiving hot responses from all parties. The Brics community of interests and destiny is an extension of the vision of building a community of shared future for mankind proposed by President Xi Jinping, it has drawn the great vision for the development of the second decade in Brics cooperation and injected new motive force to the building of a community of shared future for mankind.  

Opening up a new way for realizing economic globalization rebalance. President Xi Jinping has clearly pointed out that, for the problems in the course of economic globalization, we should neither ignore them nor blame others, instead, we should make concerted efforts to work out a solution. We should join efforts to guide the movement of economic globalization, and realize economic globalization rebalance, so that it can benefit the people in all countries. This initiative has opened the “Brics view angle” of economic globalization rebalance, lead the “Brics practice” that pushes the economic globalization to develop in the open, inclusive, generally preferential, balanced and all-win direction, a sharp contrast to the conservative arguments in some countries.  

Pointing out a new direction for building an open type world economy. “Progress can be made only in an open way, and can persist only with inclusiveness.” China is the advocator and promotor of an open world economy. President Xi Jinping has stated that openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation are the only correct choice, and he calls all parties to firmly support the multilateral trade system and oppose protectionism. He stressed that the five Brics countries should raise the level of opening to each other, make more common interests in opening and seek for shared opportunities in inclusiveness. This series of propositions have indicated the firm attitude of China in supporting the multi-lateral trade corresponding and global opening and cooperation, and conveyed the active signal to unite with all countries in joint development and promote extensive global prosperity. China will continue to work together with all parties to make contributions to building an open world economy, promoting trade and investment liberalization and convenient, and building the new global value chain.  

 (The author is the Foreign Minister of PRC)

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