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Contribution of Chinese Solution to Global Security Governance

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Author: | Source:People's Daily (September 28, 2017)


China is known as one of the safest countries in the world. China has been actively participating in and advocating international law enforcement cooperation and global security governance while handling well its own issues, indicating the valuable power of China in maintaining peace. 

"China is willing to join hands with global governments and their law enforcement agencies as well as international organizations to hold the banner of cooperation, innovation, rule of law and win-win result and strengthen cooperation in police and security, in a bid to jointly build a universally safe community of common destiny for all mankind." On September 26, President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the 80th INTERPOL General Assembly, profoundly analyzing the common security challenges facing mankind, clearly proposing the idea of building a universally safe community of common destiny for all mankind, and offering the Chinese wisdom and Chinese solution to improve global security governance. 

The world today is filled with both hope and uncertainty. Despite the prevalent trend of peace, development, cooperation and win-win result, global security issues such as terrorism, cybercrime, transnational organized crimes and new crimes are getting increasingly prominent, accompanied by the endless emergence of security threats. Security issues become more interconnected, transnational and diversified. Without security and stability, there is no peace and development. Cracking security issues concerns the fate of mankind and the stability and prosperity of the world. 

Strengthening cooperation in police and security and building a universally safe community of common destiny for all mankind requires global concerted efforts and concept innovation. "We should adhere to cooperation and joint construction to achieve the everlasting security." "We should persist in the reform and innovation to achieve common governance." "We should stick to the spirit of the rule of law to achieve fairness and justice." "We should insist on mutual benefit and win-win results to achieve balance inclusiveness." These are four proposals put forward by President Xi Jinping to strengthen cooperation in international law enforcement, pointing out a path for building a more equitable, more rational and more effective global security governance system, which have been widely recognized by the international community. "President Xi proposed a roadmap for global security governance!" said Ahsan Iqbal Chaudhary, Minister for Interior of Pakistan. 

As a world power with a population of more than 1.3 billion people, China is known as one of the safest countries in the world. In recent years, China has continuously promoted the construction of Safe China and Rule of Law in China, and made the greatest efforts to provide a safe and stable living environment for people. This is China's contribution to world security and stability. Moreover, while handling well its own issues, China has always conscientiously fulfilled its responsibilities and been actively participating in and advocating international law enforcement cooperation and global security governance. Up to now, the Chinese police has established practical and efficient cooperative relations with 113 countries and regions, and built 129 bilateral and multilateral cooperation schemes and 96 contact hotlines, preliminarily shaping an all-round, three-dimensional, multi-level and effective work pattern for cooperation in international law enforcement security. In the face of all kinds of transnational criminal activities, the Chinese police dares to act in joint drug eradication, international recovery of stolen money or goods, cooperative fight against telecommunications fraud and other activities, representing China's steadfast determination to crackdown on transnational crimes. China has firmly supported and actively participated in UN peacekeeping operations, and dispatched the largest number of peacekeepers among the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. So far, 2,609 peacekeeping policemen and brigades have been sent to nine UN peacekeeping mission areas. 

Sharing the experience of security governance with the world and contributing wisdom and strength to global security governance is China's choice. China will Interpol in three global joint operations in combating terrorism, cybercrime and new types of organized crimes each year, train 5,000 law enforcement officers for developing countries, help upgrade Interpol communication systems and criminal investigation laboratories in 100 developing countries, and establish the International Law Enforcement School of the Ministry of Public Security to train 20,000 law enforcement officers in developing countries. All these solid actions reflect the valuable power of China in maintaining peace. 

"Connecting police for a safer world" is the theme of this assembly and represents the wish of the people around the world. The international community needs consensus, determination, and more importantly, action. Let's make unremitting efforts to embark on the road of peaceful development and build a community of common destiny for all mankind.

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