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Growing Together with Our Motherland with Diligence and Endeavour

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Author:Li Hongxing | Source:People's Daily (September 26, 2017)


The people benefit the most and enjoy the greatest well-being. The sense of gain is epitomized by the "well-being" and mirrors all the efforts made for China's development and progress. 

On September 25, a delegation led by General Secretary Xi Jinping went to the Beijing Exhibition Center and visited the large achievements exhibition themed as "Five Years of Progress with Diligence and Endeavour." In the run-up to the 19th National Congress of the CPC, it is the right time to sum up the historic achievements made by the CPC and the state and grasp the historical changes that have taken place in order to open up a new journey. 

"The five years following the 18th National Congress of the CPC is very extraordinary in the development process of the party and the country." Pacing in front of the pictures of the exhibition, it is easy to recognize what General Secretary Xi Jinping's words mean. Over the past five years, how China has developed and what China looks like is of great concern at home and abroad. The first section of "New Look" includes 10 themed content exhibition areas and featured exhibition areas and online exhibition halls, giving an intuitive and stereoscopic depiction of a courageous and enterprising China. 

In terms of practicing the new development idea, what opportunities will China bring to the world? In terms of building cultural confidence, how will China inspire a strong spiritual power? In terms of putting people first, how will China enhance the people's sense of gain? Five years ago, a similar string of questions were listed on the test paper; five years later, such development indicators as speed, size, efficiency and so on give clear answers. From the moment of entering the exhibition hall, visitors, starting from the first picture, seem to have entered a time tunnel that displayed lots of scenarios representing an array of major strategic initiatives, major principles and policies, and major work tasks and achievements since the 18th National Congress of the CPC. Everyone can see the glory of the country, the power of progress, and the dream of each individual. 

The past five years was short in the time dimension, but was impressive because of extraordinary changes. Annul macroeconomic growth averaged 7.3%, contributing more than 30% to global economic growth; an annual average of more than 10 million people were lifted out of poverty, laying a foundation for accomplishing the first Centenary Goal; the ranking of China's innovation index rose from the 34th in 2012 to the 22nd, making China the only middle-income country that joined the top 25 innovative countries; the masses' satisfaction with the work of improving party conduct, upholding integrity and fighting corruption rose from 75% to 93.9%... All these exciting figures symbolized the momentum of economic development, the toughness of poverty alleviation, the improvement of innovation ability, and the pace of clean government construction, allowing more people to grow together with the motherland. 

There is such a picture in the exhibition: On February 3, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping said "I wish everybody happiness" after taking a Fu (well-being) character written by a child on the scene at the Calligraphy and Painting Room of Guangming Community located at Pengjiaqiao Sub-district, Nanchang, Jiangxi. There is also a picture wall of China's roads, bridges, ports, airports, high-speed rails.... Over the past few years, regardless of staying at home or traveling abroad, the Chinese people not only enjoy local convenience but also feel enthusiasm from thousands of miles away and even the other side of the ocean. China is not only establishing connectivity at home through infrastructure construction but also connecting the world via a "network of the world." The people benefit the most from steady stream of people, trade flow of goods, and real-time transmission of information which is all meant for the people's greatest well-being. The sense of gain is epitomized by the "well-being" and mirrors all the efforts made for China's development and progress. 

As to the driver of China's development, a booster called "reform" is giving impetus steadily. Just like the tallest physical model in the exhibition hall with "solid base and firm columns," a reform framework supported by multiple pillars has been basically established through 38 meetings and more than 1,500 reform initiatives. Some people say that with reforms as rails and systems as sleepers, the train of China can go a long way stably. Indeed, the institutional construction based on the comprehensive deepening of reforms has resulted in breakthroughs in each field and changes in each industry. In terms of ecology, for example, the idea that "lucid waters and lush mountains can bring us prosperity and wealth" has greatly improved China's "appearance." People have surprisingly found that "the Yellow River is getting clear." All these achievements are attributed to the gradual establishment of an ecological civilization system. This is enough to show that reform and development underpinned by institutionalization and the rule of law can ensure China's long-term growth. 

The West once used the "Chinese box" to describe the mysterious and magical development of China. They also tried to open the "box" layer by layer, but they were still surprised and curious. Today, the past five years of development and change sees the gathering of strengths and spirits. A sculpture called Advance displayed in the exhibition hall seems to give an answer—China is advancing with a clear goal and aggressive pace. There must be a dream, as it will be realized; there must be a clear direction, as it guides the road. Standing on a new historical starting point, we are striving to build a great project, promote a great cause and achieve a great dream. As long as we stay true to our mission, numerous of "five-year" achievements will flourish throughout China. 

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