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Advanced Concepts are Manifested in Foreign Aid of China Treat Each Other Equally to Jointly Seek Development

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Author:Dong Xiangrong and Wang Linggui | Source:People’s Daily (August 22, 2017)


In recent years, with the strengthening of economic strength and the rising of international influence, China has been playing an increasingly active role of constructor and leader in global governance. In the foreign aid area, as the largest developing country in the world, China has offered aids within its capacity to other developing countries in the framework of South-South Cooperation, to support and help these countries to reduce poverty and improve people's livelihood, and seek development together with them.  

Some western countries question that China expands its own influence and obtains unequal interest by foreign aids. This is to look China through colored spectacles. In fact, China offered aids to developing countries as an equal cooperation partner with the air receiving countries, and has never taken itself as an almsgiver, as some developed countries did. China never imposes its will on others, or set political threshold in advance, instead, China respects the wills and appeals of others, and actively supports the international society to help developing countries enhance their autonomous development ability, improve people's livelihood and narrow the south-north gap. China has steadily expanded the scale of foreign aid, with focus on increasing the aids in areas of poverty reduction, infrastructure construction and protection of ecological environment, reflecting the advanced concept in foreign aid.  

Never interfere with the internal affairs of other countries. China offers foreign aid mainly in the forms of constructing complete projects, supplying general materials, carrying out technological cooperation and cooperation in human resources, dispatching medical teams and volunteers to other countries, and offering emergency humanitarian aid. No interference with the internal affairs of other countries is the basic principle China adheres to at all times. China combines the interests of the people of its own with the common interests of peoples of all countries, expands the confluence of interests with all parties, and promotes joint development of regions and the world. In foreign aid, China takes into full account the reasonable concerns of the aid receiving countries, respects and treats them equally with each other, and has never done anything harming others to benefit its own or bringing harm to a neighbor. China keeps its promises with high credit, is considerate for the surrounding and Asian developing countries in the question of development, and has also helped more developing countries worldwide within its capacity, having winning wide praises.  

China actively helps recipient countries develop economy and improve people's livelihood independently. It is better to teach a man fishing than giving him a fish. The Chinese Government stresses that the purpose to offer foreign aid is to help the recipient countries to gradually take the road of developing economy by self-reliance and independently, to realize continual healthy development of economy and society and improvement of people's livelihood. China is ready to share its own experience of development with other developing countries, and presents to other countries its advanced technologies and management knowhow selflessly in foreign aid. Shortage of fund is a big bottleneck restricting the economic development in developing countries. To better help the developing countries in their development, China not only rationally arrange nonreimbursable assistance and interest-free loans, give play to the financing advantages of preferential loans, to help the recipient countries construct infrastructure projects in urgent need, but also has set up the Silk Road Foundation, and initiated to establish the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and BRICS Country New Development Bank, endeavoring to make up the great financing shortage in the economic construction of developing countries, to provide great development opportunities to the developing countries.  

Help each other on the same boat for common development. Today, the mutual links and dependence of all countries have been unprecedentedly deepened, and the human beings are living in the same earth village. Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out: “More than 7 billion people are living together on our planet, so we should help each other as on the same boat for common development”. Therefore, he advocated jointly building a community of destiny of human beings, leading the tide of international relations in the new times. For the purpose of world development and to actively promote south-south cooperation, China will continue to expand foreign aid in the future, to further optimize aid structure, highlight key areas, innovate the forms of aid, and raise the fund utilization efficiency, to effectively help recipient countries improve people's livelihood and enhance the ability of self-reliance development. With the enhancing ability to participate in international development affairs, China will also actively support multilateral development institutions in their assistance work within its capacity, and carry out experience exchanges and explore on practical cooperation in a more open attitude, to make greater contributions to the cause of human development.  

 (Author entity: Research Center on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Theory System of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

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