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Experts: Implementation of “Cyberpower” Strategy Starts at the Right Moment and Is to Exert Profound Influences

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On October 29, the 5th Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee ended in Beijing, with the CPC Central Committee's Proposal on Formulating the Thirteenth Five-year Plan (2016-2020) on National Economic and Social Development adopted at the meeting. The plenary put forward implementation of “Cyberpower” strategy and “Internet Plus” plan, development of sharing economy, and implementation of national big data strategy. Wang Yuanhong, chief economist of Department of Economic Forecast of State Information Center, and Wang Yukai, a professor from Chinese Academy of Governance, were invited to the Qiangguo Forum of to interpret relevant information for netizens. 

Wang Hongyuan indicated the internet is one of few areas that don’t lag far behind those of western developed countries or in other words, a field we developed well. Construction of modern information economy based on the internet platform is very important and has comprehensive significance. Development of the internet economy is one of choices for us to upgrade Chinese industrial structure to the middle and high levels. Expansion of information services also provides common people with better value-added services. Development of the internet industry plays a significant role in enlarging future investments and consumption, promoting life convenience of people and enhancing the governance capability of the government and thus, Wang noted implementation of “Cyberpower” strategy happened at the correct moment. 

Wang Yukai stated the 5th Plenary Session of the Central Committee of CPC set forth two noticeable goals, i.e. “Cyberpower” strategy and “Internet Plus” plan. Undoubtedly, China is a major internet country, topping the world in the internet and cyber scales, ranking second in the broadband coverage and boasting about 1.2 billion mobile phone users. Total users of blogs, microblogs and WeChat amount to around one billion people. The existing network infrastructure, including cloud-based cyberspace and ports, cloud computing and internet, has become the most important infrastructure of a country. In the past, we only defined roads, railways and so on as infrastructure, but now we take the internet, cloud computing, big data and ports as the most important symbols of a country’s infrastructure. 

Wang Yukai also indicated the nature of Internet Plus is of the internet 2.0 plus Innovation 2.0. The traditional internet 1.0 has upgraded to the current internet 2.0 with the bigger development space as the internet plus any sector could generate many new types of operation and new economic growth modes. The innovation-driven strategy proposed by us now depends on the new carrier of the internet to a large extent. Furthermore, our innovation in ideas provides our society with unprecedented vigor and produces great power. In this sense, our goal is to develop the omnipresent internet, computing, software, data and Internet Plus. Such an action plan of “Internet Plus” and the great goal of building of “Cyberpower” will have far-reaching influences on the future, including economic and social development. 

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