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Shoulder the Mission of Our Generation: On Realizing the Chinese Dream with Concerted Efforts (IX)

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Author:Staff Commentator | Source:People’s Daily (Page One on March 29, 2013)


  Where there is a dream there is hope and where there is faith there is strength. This is what those who have stood up after going through difficulties would say. It is also a depiction of our nation that stands firmly despite ups and downs in thousands of years.

  To realize the Chinese dream of the great national rejuvenation is to have a prosperous country, a revitalized nation, and happy people. By these words, President Xi Jinping gave a profound explanation of the Chinese dream’s nature, showed us clearly the ideal and faith that innumerable predecessors fought for, and pointed out the direction for our generation to realize the Chinese dream by shouldering our mission.

  A review of the past 30 years, 60 years and 170 years shows that it is their pursuit of dreams and their responsibility for the mission that have led countless Chinese sons and daughters to fight extraordinarily. In 1925, Comrade Mao Zedong wrote “for the emancipation of the Chinese nation, the people’s rule, and people’s benefits from economic development” in the foreword to The Political Weekly. Now Comrade Xi Jinping reiterated the importance of “taking over the relay baton passed on to us by history”, “making persistent efforts and pressing ahead with indomitable will” and “the prosperity of the country, the invigoration of the nation, and the happiness of the people”. All these words reflect the dream that the CPC has been fighting for consistently.

  It is because of the relay efforts to realize the dream that China has seen tremendous changes. A hundred years ago the Chinese could imagine the global expo only in novels. In 2010, tens of thousands of visitors traveled across the river-spanning bridge and by the subway to visit the Chinese pavilion at the World Expo. 30 years ago China did not have expressways at all. But now it ranks second worldwide in terms of expressway mileage. We have achieved in 20 years what cost western countries nearly 100 years in compulsory education and built the world’s largest social security network in a decade. It is because of the relay efforts to realize the dream that the People’s Republic of China has realized historical change in its economic system and remarkable rise in its economic aggregate. The Chinese nation has ushered in unprecedentedly bright prospects in which millions of people have gotten rid of poverty and are marching toward a well-off society in an all-round way.

  No success can be achieved easily and history-making events are always the results of hard work. In retrospect, the great change of the country, the nation and the people has witnessed the ups and downs we have gone through. Looking ahead, there are still many difficulties and risks, both predictable and unpredictable, before we can realize the Chinese dream. We must be clear that 128 million Chinese people still live in poverty, China has a lower-ranking per capita GDP, the gap remains between us and developed countries in terms of science and technology, and urban and rural gaps as well as social injustice are yet to be solved. In a word, more efforts are required before the Chinese dream comes true. Only by the pioneering spirit, practical work, and concerted efforts can we fill in the gaps on our road and pave a smoother road and will the Chinese dream come nearer of economic prosperity, national revival and people’s happiness.

  The once unreachable dream is coming nearer thanks to our concerted efforts. The goal of the “two hundredth anniversaries” is already visible as if it was “the mast head” of a ship or a sun whose “shines are beaming out”. Through the goal, we can already see a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious China. Following the road with Chinese characteristics and working to realize the Chinese dream with our concerted efforts, people in our generation will surely not shirk the historical responsibility but shoulder our mission and usher in a better tomorrow for the Chinese nation.

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