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Marxist Doctrine: Theory of Realistic Humanistic Theme

Author:Tao Fuyuan and Tao Tingma

Press:Anhui Normal University Press

Pub Date:2016-12

This book is the final result of a general program of the NSSFC (The National Social Science Fund of China) in 2011 “Research on the Humanistic Theme of Marxist Doctrine and its Significance in Contemporary China”. The book consists of five chapters. It has systematically combed on the humanistic thought of Marx and Engels in their classic works, and firmly grasped the scientific orientation, historical origin, logic formation and basic intension of the theory of Marxist humanistic theme, with the emphasis on describing the guiding significance of the Marxist humanistic theme in taking people as the fundamental in adhering the socialism with Chinese characteristics, to promote the transition of thinking pattern, governance pattern and development pattern, raise our consciousness in learning and practicing the Scientific Outlook on Development and push ahead the sound and fast development of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the construction of a harmonious society.