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The Dissemination and Development of Marxist Legal Theory in China (1919-1966)

Author:Zhang Xiaojun

Press:China Renmin University Press

Pub Date:2016-08

The Dissemination and Development of Marxist Legal Theory in China (1919-1966) is a book about ideological and theoretical study by means of the social and cultural history. It describes the dissemination and development history of Marxist jurisprudence in China from the October Revolution to China's Cultural Revolution comprehensively and systematically. It fully shows the major sinicization process of Marxist jurisprudence in this period from the level of politicians and revolutionists to general academic world and legal education and from the level of ideology and theory to legal practices of Chinese revolution and construction. The Marxism legal thoughts were brought into China by Chinese intellectuals after 1919, developed by Chinese revolutionists in revolutionary base areas innovatively, applied to legal practices of the base areas and achieved a great success. Since the founding of New China, with judicial reform, adjustment of legal education faculties, comprehensive transformation of "ideological state apparatus" such as law knowledge system and introduction of law knowledge system of the Soviet Union, the socialist law knowledge system and judicial system have been established gradually. Meanwhile, the knowledge about Marxist jurisprudence has been generalized and socialized as a part of modern Chinese legal knowledge.