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Research in the Premise, Approach and Method for Marxism's Entry into China

Author:Zhu Zhe; He Huanhuan

Press:People's Publishing House

Pub Date:2017-03

Nowadays, the world has entered an era of new globalization. Its industry axis, inherent tension, controlling method, and mindset underwent significant changes, which profoundly altered the structure of practice and mode of existence mankind adopted. The human civilization is growing into a more diversified community with each passing day. All sorts of thoughts and values keep coming out one after another, changing people's mindset and behaviors substantially. This trend appears more prominent for China, a country that has crossed the threshold into a new era of its reform and opening up policy. Against such a backdrop, the Chinese people tend to pay more attention to material benefits in real life and show little interest or enthusiasm in Marxist theory which now is on the edge of plight or extinction in China despite its success in spearheading the country's socialist revolution and construction drive into splendid achievements in the past. In the new context, it is imperative to popularize Marxism to the general public and highlight its value, thus helping it realize a leap from elites to the masses. By virtue of its political presence in China, the theory will blaze a path to every field of endeavor, and gain the extensive psychological recognition among the Chinese public. To accomplish this mission, it is inevitable to review the premise, approach and method for Marxism to enter China in the first place, figure out the evolution of the theory in the country. The reflections on its course of development are aimed to obtain useful experience with a view to helping Marxism realize the leap from elites to the masses. Based on this, the premise, approach and method for Marxism's entry into China constitutes a topic demanding prompt research.